I read these boards all the time and I see all the stories of the people that are so nervous and self conscious about shedding their clothing and heading to the AN beach, so, I thought I would tell you a little bit about my first time....

In October 2011 my husband and I went to CN celebrating our 15th anniversary, my 40th birthday and my 5 year cancer free mark. As a breast cancer survivor my body is covered with over 20 inches of scars caused from a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, but for some crazy reason I felt that I HAD to walk naked on the beach on my 40th birthday.

After a few drinks (Bob Marley's) we headed over to the AN beach, found a chair and off came the suit. After a while of sitting and getting comfortable hubby and I headed out to the water. What an amazing feeling to swim in the warm water naked! I was suprisingly comfortable, so much so that we ended up migrating over to a group of people that were congregating on their floaties.
No one stared at me or asked any questions unless I brought it up.

We went back nearly everyday on our vacation and again to CN in Oct 2012. This April we are heading to CSS for a few days to try out SSB and then back home to CN.

The "naked" experience for me was the most empowering thing I could have ever done. I feel that it was the end of a painful journey and the acceptance of my new body, I feel so much more confident now !

So if you have doubts, just try it...you never know what it may do for you!