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    My husband and I have been on many AI vacations. We are going to book a Couples resort in Jamaica for April 2013. They all look amazing we have visited both Negril and Ocho Rios in previous years and love the island. Were still unsure of whether to do Negril for the beaches or Ocho for the beauty. We have a couple questions? We have enjoyed entertainment staff and activities at other resorts; do the couple resorts have music and activites going on during the day? We like the option of getting involved and having the fun party atmosphere? Also, which resort has the best nightlife; again we like the option if we feel like hanging out and dancing/partying? Were not sure if these resorts are more for just chilling and hanging out, which we love to do; but like the option?

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    You are going to love the Couples AI experience. It is not the typical AI experience because there are so many more things included. All water sports, snorkeling, catamaran cruise, tennis lessons, mixology classes, hat making, tie dye shirt making, etc....the list is long.

    As far as which side of the island.....I think the Negril side is just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the Ocho Rios side. The endless sea and beach is breathtaking. So, I vote you go to one of the Negril resorts. Either of those resorts will have tons of activities included. You can be as active or as chill as you want. If you are on the Negril side, of course there are tons of places to have some evening fun. Both CSA and CN have a piano bar. CSA has a nightclub also.

    You won't go wrong with any Couples choice. Just keep looking at reviews and looking at pictures and one of the resorts will jump out as the winner. Book it and have a blast. Our favorite is CSA. Good luck deciding.

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    Hi! All the Couples resorts have Activity Staff and great activities planned throughout the day and evening. I don't think you will be bored! Just check the activities links on this site to get a flavor of what's available.

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    Thanks for your responses; Couples Negril jumped out at us last night so we are booking excited!!!

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    You will LOVE CN. Have a BLAST...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilyjean View Post
    Thanks for your responses; Couples Negril jumped out at us last night so we are booking excited!!!
    We may see you...we'll be there 4/19-27, our third trip to CN.

    Bob n Nancy

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