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    Default CSS wine selection

    I know Jamaica is mostly known for their Appleton Rum and Red Stripe, but I was wondering what the CSS wine selection is like. I have read some posts about wine at the other resorts, and it sounds like there is not much of a wine selection. I hope this is wrong. My wife does not drink beer, but does enjoy a good glass of white wine. I enjoy a nice glass of Merlot with dinner. Any info would be appreciated.
    Kevin & Tammy
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    CSS 2010
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    Merlot was at all the restaurants and bars. They only had Cabernet at a few places and they had a white but can’t remember what kind. The wines were all Chilean I believe. I thought they were great :-) Enjoy!!!

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    All of the house wines are drinkable and free flowing. Casanova had a slightly upgraded house wine available (I believe a cab and and chardonnay). The house wines are all Chilean. You can also buy wine from the wine list.

    We don't go to Couples for the wine list, if you get my drift. We love, love, love CSS and CSA, but realize that rum rules in Jamaica!

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    The house red wine is drinkable at best. I tend to stick with the white (which is better) and the sparkling wine, which is downright nice. If you want a "good" wine, be prepared to either buy it at the restaurant, or bring a couple of bottles with you.

    We don't bother bringing it, since as bobandjudy said, we don't go to Jamaica for the wine list, but will enjoy a glass of "drinkable" wine at dinner.

    ---an aspiring wine snob--

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    Thanks for the replys....As you said, we don't go to Jamaica for the wine either....It is the rum. It's just nice to have something else to drink after spending the day drinking rum or Red Stripe. We have 3 others couples joining us on our CSS trip in April 2010 that enjoy a glass of wine once in a while too.

    Kevin & Tammy
    CN 2005
    CSS 2010
    CSS 2014

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    Default wine at CSS...

    carrkm, your wife will be able to get a good glass of white (or red) at CSS, but that is about the extent of it. A selection of interesting wines is not Couples strong point. Of course, there are sensible reasons for this. At an "all you can drink" resort, they are not going to supply upscale wines in unlimited quantities without having to "upscale" the very reasonable nightly rates that Couples charges.

    As stated by other posters, the wines are Chilean, clean and drinkable, just fine with the amazing food you will receive. Understandably, the wines play second fiddle to the chef's creations, as it should be.

    I am a wine nerd, and in a restaurant, I will often choose an entree to match a wine, rather than the other way around. But at CSS, the wine is there to play a supporting role. I do wish there was a "second tier" of selection, or a list of more varied wines at a small surcharge, (the list at Casanova is quite pricey for what you are getting), but I also understand that it may be management's decision to just not complicate things like that.

    The green label sparkling wine, (Kreamer) is good... try some unusual cocktails, the Red Stripe is FRESH, and don't miss the juice bar by the mineral pool. You will have a great time at Sans Souci, and any small disappointments will be overwhelmed by the place as a whole.

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