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    Default Fishing @ CSS???

    Hey There!!!

    We are heading to CSS March 8th thru the 15th. (Were 1st timers!!!). Has anyone ever gone fishing with a local? We have looked at a million websites and all they come up with is big boats pulling lures all over the ocean (boring to us). All we are looking for is a half day on the water over a reef or wreck jigging for fish and hammering down some Red Stripes. Any suggestions would be loved. Thanks!!

    Kurt and Julie.

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    You must be from the Midwest like us! Not alot of jigging is done. We just returned and went with Stanley's. You can have your Red Stripes but on the ocean your gonna need a bigger boat and have to go out a ways. We went 8 miles out and got into a school of tuna and it aint like any other fishing I've done. Fantastic. Did the 1/2 day morning run. At the end, my wife got seasick but other than that, she said she had a great time. Boat leaves off of 7 mile beach (somewhat between Couple Negril & Swept Away. 5 minute drive from where you will stay.

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    That looks great but we are staying in Ocho Rios. Any charters out of there?

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    There is a fishing tournament at least once a week at the pond on the CSS property. We didn't participate but it sure looked like it had potential to be fun! And I am positive that enjoying Red Stripes while fishing will occur! LOL

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    We were there in September. There is a little blue & yellow boat that is anchored near the other boats. I asked the water sports guys what it was for and they said it was for fishing. I remember specifically he said for tuna. It wasn't included with your stay and I don't remember the exact cost, but I do think it was $300 or less. If I remember correctly, the boat was not a Couples boat either, but could be arranged for by the water sports guys. We didn't try it, but I definitely wish we would've! I can't imagine fishing for tuna out of that little boat and I feel like it would've been a fun experience!

    In the picture below, the fishing boat is the blue & yellow boat on the far left (it has a motor, but they take it off when it isn't being used)! Hope this helps!

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