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    Default Best Couples for scuba diving?

    My fiancé and are are planning a June honeymoon and would like to try Couples for the first time! We are both PADI certified and would like to scuba dive as much as possible on our trip! Which Couples resort has the best diving, in your opinion? Thank you so much!

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    I have always found the diving on the North Coast (CSS and CTI) to be the equal of the diving at CSA and CN.
    HOWEVER... when I am planning a vacation where the diving is an important part of what I want to do (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't) I always choose a resort in Negril.
    The reason for this is that the wind and waves on the North Coast sometime force the cancellation of watersports, including scuba. This can and does happen in Negril from time to time but it is way more likely to happen on the north coast than in Negril where the winds and waters are more calm.
    Having said that... you can have a great week of diving on the North Coast as well, it's just a little less predictable. If you want to dive every day and will be disaappointed if it doesn't go out... then choose Negril. If you do dive on the North Coast choose the earliest dives you can because the wind and waves are more likely to be a problem later in the day. When I dive on the North Coast I dive early in the week and early in the day.

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    We've had better luck in Negril than Ochos Rios, primarily though for the weather the specific weeks we went. I did to a wreck dive out of CSS that was pretty cool. I personally think the scuba guys at CN are the best!

    Have fun!!!

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    I have dove at all four resorts. All of the resorts have nice facilities, although the boat at CSS is not near as nice as the other three. I think the diving conditions on the Negril side are better (calmer seas for the most part). CN and CSA are the same for diving - choose one of those resorts for other reasons. We're planning our next trip to CN. Enjoy your trip.

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    CSA or CN. They both go to the same dive sites. We've also been diving out of CSS. They have a smaller boat due to the reef, and shallow water up to the beach. You do a back roll off the side. That wasn't that big a deal, but the diving just isn't as good around Ochi in my opinion. We couldn't even dive out of CTI since the water was too rough all week, but they go to the same sites also, as we saw the CTI boat at sites with the CSS boat. The Couples dive staff are great though. We've also been diving in MoBay. In general, don't expect too much from Jamaica diving compared to elsewhere. There's a limited amount of sea life due to fishing. The highlight was seeing dolphins on a Negril dive.

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    Good choice Couples,
    We have dove at all 4 resorts.
    All are pretty good, two things to keep in mind.
    CTI and CSS are on the part of the shore/ Island that can be kinda rough, we have been to these sides when they wont go out.
    CN and CSA side/ Negril is always calmer, and we have always been able to go out.
    With that being said, we love the dive crew at all, but mostly at CTI!!!
    Congrats on your wedding and have a wonderful honeymoon.

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    We got certified at Couples Negril last June and they have an awesome dive crew! However, our favorite resort is swept away and we hope to dive with them this year.

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    I've done around 3 dozen dives from CN, and feel that Negril is the best area for conditions and visibility, because of the location. CN and CSA use the same sites, for the most part, so either one will do from that perspective. I'm sure the CSA scuba guys are a good crew, but I've found the scuba team at CN to be the best I've ever had in the Caribbean after having been to several islands and around 100 logged dives.

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    CSA. They have the best dive crew that I have ever been associated with! They recently received a new dive boat and is second to none! The cove in the Negril area allows for calmer seas and very few cancellations. The water is consistently calmer and visibility is extremely good. In 4 years I have had over 50 dives at CSA and never had an issue or cancellation. CSA is a fantastic resort and diving is only one of the many reasons that you will be glad you chose it. Enjoy!

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