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    Default Best time to make reservations for next December?

    Plan to go to CSA in early december 2013.

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    I would think that any time soon would be fine. The rates are already published. They will publish new rates next month, but I believe those will be for 2014.

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    Book ASAP, I found had the best pricing, there was a price change and they were able to honor it as well! Save over 200.00 per couple!

    We are traveling this May CSA and for the week of 5/4/2013 there are no longer rooms available on the website. Book early and enjoy

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    Now - at least the resort. Get your airline tickets later.

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    soon I would say, if you want to insure the room you want! Check out the wednesday specials via email if you're trying to get a deal. We booked for Dec 2013 LAST February on a special!

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    We book our December trip in January....there was recently a special that included a free night, it may have expired, maybe not.
    You can still get the (FILA ) Fall in Love Again rate. And don't hold out for too long waiting for a Wednesday special as they rarely apply to CSA for that time of year. Keep in mind that anything around and after December 15 books consistently well.

    We also book air ASAP, (330 days out ) and have watched it only go up in all the years past.

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    We have booked 30 days out and recently 300 days out based on the Wednesday Couplicious Special. I thought we got a FANTASTIC deal to CSA when we booked in October 2012 for December 2012 until I just booked our December 2013 two weeks ago!!! Even better deal. Thank you Randymon!

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    A word of advice, don't wait too long. We have been going to CSA in December since 2007. Last year, 2012 I waited too long and the type room we liked was not available when we tried to book. We have been booked for CSA December of 2013 since last July. Because of the marathon about the same time we like to go, CSA fills up pretty fast.

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