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    Ok I know this is crazy but my GF will pretty much only drink Merlot wine and/or Absolute Cranbury… I can get her to cave on a different type of Vodka but do they have Cranbury and any sort of reasonable wine at these resorts. She cannot drink any type of citrus OJ/Lemon/Pineapple etc so that REALLY limits the drinks she can have.

    Oh slightly different question, she is also a vegetarian, I have heard how great CTI is for food but is there enough “non meat” (Seafood is ok) to choose from and make it worth it? Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like she needs a bob marley shot! Start each morning with one, after that I think she should be more open to the drink selection. As far as the seafood, there is lots and its all fantastic. We do CN now but I recall CTI having a veggie bar. Maybe someone else can confirm on the veggie bar.

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    Hi Trimada

    The Merlot at CTI is Chilean and is very good - dont know about Absolute Cranbury as I only drink Grey Goose Vodka (which is available at CTI).

    There is a great choice of food for vegies including lots of seafood. It will definitely be worth it as CTI is perfect paradise.

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    From what I've been told here is the wine included is VERY limited , so she might have to pay to get the Merlot wine .

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    The vodka in the room is a basic type but they do have Grey Goose in the martini bar over the Palms Restaurant. They may also have a better choice of wines there but I am not sure. Cranberry juice is never a problem and it is even in your room with all the other mixers. I would also recommend she try some of the blended drinks like Hummingbird, BBC, Dirty Banana, and Miami Vice. The rum cream over ice is amazing as well. You can always float a little extra rum in each to give it a kick. I never used to drink rum until we started going to Couples in Jamaica. I was also a big vodka fan. Now, seven trips later, rum drinks are my favorite. Just remember that the Ting soda is grapefruit so avoid it if you can't do citrus. You can always fall back on a good old rum and coke. Mix in a little coconut rum to make it sweeter. Ya mon...rummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    For the vegatarian concern I would recommend contacting Couples ahead of time when you do pre checkin and see what they can do. There are a lot of vegetables available at the buffet in Palms but I never really looked at the whole menu for full entre items. Couples has some of the best customer service in the industry so if you don't see it...ASK. They want you 'appy.

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    Thanks for the answers, I guess we should be ok for wine then, and vodka of some type but what about Cranbury Juice, we live in New England so everywhere has it, as does most of the US but I know from expericance other countries have never heard of it, was wondering if that is a common mixer in Jamaica? I.E will they have that at easily avalible? Thanks

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    I also can't have any citrus, or tomato, or gin, or mint. So most drinks are out for me. I don't think the wine at couples is that good, but i have had worse. I drink beer, strawberry daiquiri and cranberry and vodka. I have seen cranberry vodka at CSS but not CN. I was usually able to get cranberry juice. I just tell the bartenders what I can't have and at both CN and CSS they came up with a drink just for me that had nothing I was allergic to in it.

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    I'm veggie and not had any problems at any of the couples resorts. Still recall the tour of the kitchens the head chef gave me at Negril and the offer to cook anything I wanted! That was back in the days when veggie options were not on the standard menu.

    Don't honk there will be problems on the food front.

    Wine is limited choice and I don't recall Cranbury but I'm not a great fan of it.

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    She definitely needs to add adventure into her vacation and have the bartenders make her something delicious. I'm sure there is Absolut vodka, but probably not Cranberry Absolut. Seriously, those bartenders make awesome drinks. Most bars have an extensive drink list you can look at. Have fun.

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