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    Default How Much Cash Should We Bring???

    I've just booked our weddingmoon at CSA May 16th - May 23rd!!! After much research we booked the Garden Verandah Suite. Just a couple of questions for you couples experts :-)

    1. How much cash do should we bring for a weeks stay? I really don't like the idea of traveling with a lot of cash to begin with.

    2. We plan on doing a few tours including the zipline and horseback riding. Is it best to book those tours in advance or to just wait to you arrive to book?

    I can't believe I'm getting married and finally getting to travel out of the country! WHOOT WHOOT

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    1) How much cash? For tips I would bring $50 in ones, and $50 in fives. You will not use it all, but you do not want to run out of small bills. Everything you purchase from resort shops is charged to room, so you can settle this with a credit card. The zip line and horse back riding if booked at the tours desk can be paid for with your credit card. Stuff you can purchase duty free at the airport on the way home you can use a credit card. The other stuff you purchase from small vendors you will need cash. We brought $500 in ones, fives and tens this year. It all depends on what your want to purchase. Remember that some credit cards charge a fee in Jamaica. You need to look into this or get a Capital One card.

    2) Tours - Book them when you arrive at the resort at the tour desk. That way you know the tour is real and if you have a problem you have a real person to talk to.
    Irie Mon

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    I think we took around $500 in one, fives and tens, a few twenties as well but we didn't spend close to it though. I spent more cash in the airport before we left then during the whole trip. We did not leave the resort either though.

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    You have two options when booking off resort excursions.
    1. Booking thru the resort services. (done once you arrive)
    2. Off resort tour services. (arranged anytime prior to arrival)

    You can pay for the excursions with a credit card and you can arrange payment via Pay Pal for off resort services.

    The amount of cash you bring is primarily depending on what you desire to purchase.

    We purchase all our alcohol at the airport prior to departure and use a credit card. Our excursions are prearranged and paid also with CC
    We typically bring about $250.00 in small bills for our vacation. This covers off resort gifts, roadside kitchens, things we may purchase and tips. Small bills are recommended as the locals don't like to make change.

    We always come home with cash in our pockets..

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    We brought $300 and it was perfect for us.

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    We always take around $300.00 in ones, fives, and tens. We use this for airport munchies, and for tipping baggage handlers, and drivers,the cat cruise, and any "other " off-site excursions. Make sure you bring small bills, because you (almost all the time) get JA money for change.

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    I totally agree that small bills are an absolute MUST. I think we took about $400, but we did not take enough small bills. We went off the resort a few times and twice when we made a purchase, we were given Jamaican money back in change...I'm still not sure if we received the correct change back because even though we tried to "play it off" we were clueless when it came to the exchange rate. Basically we just sort of had to take the vendors word for it. Not a good position to be regardless of the amount you decide to take...make sure the bills are small. Have a nice time.

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    We brought 300 this time...but we had 200 in gift shop credits, plus won another 100 in jewelry store credit. Also had 350 in spa credits. I say book the tours in advance...usually Chukka...can sometimes get buy one get one free deals. We tipped porters, bus drivers, spa employees, purchased a few items from vendors on the beach, a bracelet from the jewelry store, and still had enough left over to pay parking fees for the week in Atlanta, breakfast at the airport, dinner (chinese and pizza) the night home, and had about 30 bucks leftover. Your mileage may vary, especially if it is your first time out of the country.

    But...always take lots of 5s and 1s.
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