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    Default CTI Beach Post Sandy

    There is a review on TA from a (supposed) frequent guest at CTI indicating that the size of the beach has been severly reduced because of Hurricane Sandy. We're going in March and we love to spend our time on the beach. Can anybody please comment on this. If you have pics, I would love to see them.
    Thanks in advance.

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    No real change in beach due to sandy. The beach is only in front of hotel so not a long walking type. Great resort. Enjoy
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    We were there at Christmas and there was no difference to the beach from when we were there in October.
    the dock on the Island on the other hand is completely gone.

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    Thank you all for clearing up the usual BS we've been reading on TA folks!

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    When people talk about the beach at CTI being smaller, it doesn't really loose anything. What happens is, that the sands shift. Some of sand neat the towel shack, washes down to where Bayside is. So there is still about the same length of beach, it just moved down towards Bayside. In a few months, it will return to normal.

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    Ya gotta love TA. NOT. Anything I read on there, other than my own reports about going to CTI, is almost pure rubbish. I can't imagine where some of those people that posted their nightmare experiences, were staying. Certainly not at any of our Couples.

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    just look at the profiles of the people who are writing negative reviews about couples. 90% of them have negative reviews of everywhere they go! Do us all a favor and STAY HOME!

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