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    Default CSA Nerves - I Better Be Wrong

    I put down my deposit this past August for my honeymoon this coming June for CSA. Discovered these message boards shortly after and immediately thought, "Great! A positive area to discuss what I want and hope to do on my trip, as well as learn a bit too and maybe get to know someone I might see," since I knew sites like TripAdvisor can have their share of review bombers (plants).

    Unfortunately, since I've joined, it seems most of the posts on this forum regarding CSA, have been more complaints from "repeaters" (see: here, here, and here), than stuff like this. That being said, I think it 1) speaks volumes about Couples by their allowing negative reviews on their own forum, and 2) sometimes there really can be an issue.

    Please note that I only put the word repeaters in quotes as, honestly, I don't really know any of you, it's free to post on here just like TripAdvisor and/or most sites, and... well... (EXTERNAL LINK-YOUTUBE... seriously, it's a funny song, even if you don't like Brad Paisley/country music).

    I understand that places we all love throughout our lives can change and we all are very sensitive to those changes, but I'm concerned about how much of what I'm reading is a result of those sensitivities versus serious concerns. The day I placed my deposit, I was confident CSA was the place for us, based upon weeks of research. Since then... I'm not so sure.

    All things given... most of the time, everything is what you make of it, and most importantly, nothing is perfect.



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    Congrats on your upcoming marriage and honeymoon! Yes, some of us have seen changes at CSA and the other resorts. BUT nothing that would keep me away. You are going with the right attitude nothing is perfect and you aren't going to please all the people all the time. As my Navy veteran husband says, "Liberty is what you make it."

    The Couples resorts are as close to perfection as you can get...for us anyway!

    Don't will be perfect for you and your new wife!

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    Jim, slow down, take a breath....You ,and yours, are going to be blown away by Swept Away. You won't have any memories that will have to refilled, it'll all be new. Wait till you see that beach!!! Great choice1

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    The Mrs. & I will be returning to CSA this April for our 20th visit. We could go anywhere in the world we choose, but CSA is where we return to year after year after year. That's gotta tell you something. You made the right choice, now stop listening to negative posts from total strangers & enjoy CSA for all that it has to offer.

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    No worries, trip #5 is booked for April. Is csa perfect? No , but they try very hard when something does go wrong. We wouldn't keep going back if it wasn't paradise.

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    I last visited CSA on Thanksgiving 2011, so my info is a little dated. At that time we stayed in a Premier Beach Front Suite and loved it. We've been to CSA 9 times.

    Since our first time on the resort we have seen things like the bathrooms deteriorate a bit, and have heard through friends on this MB that the bathroom areas of the rooms in particular have continued to age, so I think you can take that one to the bank. If you really like a spa-like bathroom experience, you'll be sorely disappointed.

    We have always found the service at CSA to be very good. The only place we've consistently been annoyed has been the Palms for dinner, so consequently we avoid that place in the evenings (breakfast and lunch are typically fine).

    The beach is beyond amazing, the gym area and spa are both terrific!

    We've traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe and Asia (and I've stayed at other AIs in Jamaica).

    I can honestly say that we keep returning to CSA because we really enjoy the beach and the whole laid back attitude of the resort. Do we go for the luxe bathrooms? Ummm, no....but for us, the whole Zen-Jamaican vibe is just priceless, and this is where we choose to spend our hard earned dollars when we just need to decompress and reconnect.

    From what I recall, wedding planning is stressful enough, so if you're not able to go to CSA with an open mind, I'd really suggest you think about booking elsewhere, as self-fulfilling prophesies can be a real downer. If you ARE able to go to CSA and really go with the flow that is there, I think you may just find that you enjoy yourself....

    Good luck with your choice -

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    We're repeaters 4 times over and coming back this fall. Over the years some things change for the good and some things not so much and sometimes its just different. All I can say is its one of the few places on earth where I find myself smiling for no apparent reason. Its Jamaica time, but most everyting you want is available if you ask and are patient. We were nervous before our first trip and were blown away by the experience. The people, the facilities and amenities, food, drink and that beach...

    Its truly our second home and you should put your nerves to ease. You will enjoy every minute of it.
    Jack & Donna

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    it's ALL about the vibe you bring with you, 10 days until our 3rd time at CSA and we think of it as home we met a couple that travels all winter, every year, they had been all around the world a few times and it was their 19th return trip, that is saying something

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    I do hope you don't believe EVERYTHING you read!!!
    That said, Go, have a wonderful time, and make your own opinion of CSA and then plan YOUR next vacation to CSA!!!
    We're on #8 visit so I don't think it's too bad of a place!!

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    You will not be disappointed! We have been to CSA twice and CN once. We prefer CSA without a doubt. We last went in 6/12 with our first time being in 5/08. I read some of the complaints and was concerned. However, it was just as great as our first! CSA is amazing and you will not be disappointed.

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    We went to CSA in 2010 for our honeymoon and then again in 2011 for our 1yr anniversary. Both times were awesome and we experienced no decline in service. The staff were great and we got to enjoy the resort itself instead of venturing out. I guess some get used to certain things, but change is good. In Couples case, well worth it. Any change that is made is thought out well in advance and they make sure you have the experience of a lifetime. We are going back for our third trip this year (2013) and can't wait.

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    No worries, we are going in March/April for our 4th time in 4 years

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    Jim, Relax. CSA is like heaven on earth. The food, the people, the beach, the weather, the location.....I think you get the picture. Thats why this resort has so many returning guests. Year after year of going back we hear the same things that other guests have tried different resorts and that once they had discovered CSA they stop searching and keep returning. It has some many included items that it makes it a great value. IMO it does not get any better than CSA. Congrats on your marriage and be confident that you have selected the best possible place to spend your honeymoon! Enjoy

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    Jim, first thing, I'm glad to see you referenced my review. CSA still rocks! The "this" quote. I believe I was honest and put to rest some of the fears that you had read about the last few months. As I had the same until,we returned this last December. As has been posted in this thread the bathrooms aren't spa like but ok. Trust me this will not be a deal breaker for you! Your there for the beach and your new wife. Don't think you will be spending lots of "quality" time in the bathroom, other parts of your room probably .

    You can always look at some of my other reviews which still represent CSA!

    Enjoy your Honeymoon and CSA. We will be back Xmas 2013

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    Our 4 th trip is in 135 days. Last year we renewed our vows and had family join us. One set of parents goes to Jamaica twice a year for the last 10 plus years just to another resort told us they will be switching to CSA. The other set of parents have been to Jamaica one time before and if it wasnt for the vow renewal they were never going back because of the resort they stayed at and now they are waiting for the 2014 rates to come out. Our friends who joined us are now counting down their next trip to CSA as well. Hows that for an indorsment.

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    My wife and I have been taking annual Caribbean vacations, mostly to Jamaica, since 1988. In my experience, CSA is definitely the best resort we have ever enjoyed. The only other resorts that were even close were CSS and CN. We've vacationed at a Couples resort every year since 2007 and will be returning to CSA this February.

    Nothing is perfect, but CSA comes as close as we've found.

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    WOW - all of this makes me so much happier.

    I think you may have hit the nail on the head on my end gongirl... over-stressed with the wedding planning. And... keeping in mind that I am there to see the beach, not the bathroom!

    Quote Originally Posted by BarDar View Post
    You won't have any memories that will have to refilled, it'll all be new
    I figured this might be the main issue others were having...

    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    Is csa perfect? No , but they try very hard when something does go wrong. We wouldn't keep going back if it wasn't paradise.
    ...and this makes me beyond happy to hear, especially due to the fact that one of the chief complaints I had read had to do with the attitude employees had.

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    Check out this post from a Couples regular who JUST returned yesterday... VERY VERY positive.

    "Just returned from CSA - Better than EVER!"

    Just returned from CSA--better than ever! - Negril Forum - TripAdvisor

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    Don't listen to the 1%ers.

    Sometimes I can get in a mood and find something to gripe about. I suspect that is what was happening with some of the folks posting disappointments.

    Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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    No worries - (you'll) be happy

    It's all about the experience not the decor

    You'll understand once you've been

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    I have never been to CSA (32 days until I will be!), but it looks as though it is a small percentage of people who have some complaints, and by the number of reviews here and on Trip Advisor which are positive, I am confident I will love it! You can't please everyone, and some people want every single detail to be perfect, or have a certain type of drink for them, etc. To me, I'm on vacation, so who cares about the little things! I'm going to be in paradise and won't have to worry about anything for a week. I wouldn't worry too much.

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