I put down my deposit this past August for my honeymoon this coming June for CSA. Discovered these message boards shortly after and immediately thought, "Great! A positive area to discuss what I want and hope to do on my trip, as well as learn a bit too and maybe get to know someone I might see," since I knew sites like TripAdvisor can have their share of review bombers (plants).

Unfortunately, since I've joined, it seems most of the posts on this forum regarding CSA, have been more complaints from "repeaters" (see: here, here, and here), than stuff like this. That being said, I think it 1) speaks volumes about Couples by their allowing negative reviews on their own forum, and 2) sometimes there really can be an issue.

Please note that I only put the word repeaters in quotes as, honestly, I don't really know any of you, it's free to post on here just like TripAdvisor and/or most sites, and... well... (EXTERNAL LINK-YOUTUBE... seriously, it's a funny song, even if you don't like Brad Paisley/country music).

I understand that places we all love throughout our lives can change and we all are very sensitive to those changes, but I'm concerned about how much of what I'm reading is a result of those sensitivities versus serious concerns. The day I placed my deposit, I was confident CSA was the place for us, based upon weeks of research. Since then... I'm not so sure.

All things given... most of the time, everything is what you make of it, and most importantly, nothing is perfect.