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    Looking forward to being at CTI in May for our first time to a Couples to celebrate our 25th! Just wondering, now that the Catamaran is owned/operated by Couples, is it also staffed by Couples? Just need to know if we will be able to tip the Catamaran crew ... Thanks!

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    Cat crew is not part of Couples, so be sure to tip!!!

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    Thanks gonegril! 101 more days!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    Cat crew is not part of Couples, so be sure to tip!!!
    They definitely are not Couples staff....two of the crew members asked my husband about his watch....both asked what it cost in the States, and one suggested " you should leave it for me"

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    My wife and I where just at CTI and the catamaran at CTI is owned by Couples. The whole crew was wearing couples shirts and some where part of the entertainment staff from on resort. We had a awsome time on the cat. Deffinetly a don't miss.

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