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    Default Doing split stay, SS to CN, share charter flight anyone? 4/14/13

    Was wondering if anyone is going to CN from CSS on 4/14, would like to split the charter flight from Ocho to Negril , 40 minutes, sure beats the 3 hour+ shuttle drive! Jenny

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    We're doing the same split holiday but from 18th December into January so not a lot of use to you I'm afraid! Please can you let us know the cost of the flight, though, as I'm thinking of treating my husband to the trip as a Christmas present.

    Huge thanks

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    We are doing a CN to CSS split in April, but our transfer day is on the 26th. I DEFINITELY think the 40 minute flight is better than the 3 hour drive.

    Jean, the cost with TimAir is $816 USD. This cost can be split by you and another couple as well. I also spoke with TimAir. They said for our split, since they are flying from CN to CSS, and then have to fly back to Montego Bay, if anybody in CSS wants to go to MB on that same day, we can split $816 among all 4 couples on both legs of the flight.

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