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    Default First timers sept 2013!!!

    We are counting down the days to our weddingmoon for Sept this year!!! Neither of us have been married before but I have a 2 year old daughter who will be joining us just for the wedding with my parents has anyone else done this? I know this is a couples only resort but we just couldn't get married without her! Also how's the weather in September? I haven't seen many posts about anyone traveling then! We haven't pulled the trigger just yet but planning on it very soon!

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    I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue for your daughter to attend the wedding as long as she isn't spending the night.

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    My finacee and I are getting married at CSA Sept 18th at 4pm..We will be alone though, and very happy about that. We have 3 kids (13,16,18) between us and can't wait to get away and be alone for a week. Send a quick e-mail to the hotel to make sure they will allow your child to be there. It is a 18 and up resort.
    From what I read, it could rain every day between 2-4pm for about 15 mins. But other than that, the weather is good, but still hot even though its Sept.
    Congratulations and good luck...

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    I would deff call the resort and ask this question, my guess is that it is not allowed, but with as young as she is you might get lucky. The reason I say no kids at all is there are adult couples everywhere, when I was there in aug and my wife and I renewed our wedding vows during my part as I am speaking to my wife I look over her shoulder just in time to see two older naked women scampering from the beach to the water of the AU section and it took everything I had to keep it together and not laugh.

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    You need to call Couples at #1-800-COUPLES to make sure how they handle your young daughter & parents coming to the wedding ceremony .... They do allow it but I'm not sure of details & you need to know for sure. Since you are getting married there, the wedding coordinator should be able to answer that question for you. As far as weather in September .... We have been to Negril a couple of times for our anniversary on September 7 (#33 coming up for us) & there has been the afternoon shower everyday but mostly hot & sunshine otherwise .... Also always a chance of a hurricane so get the cancel for any reason insurance ... We missed Hurricane Dean by a couple of days a few years ago so you never know. If it were me, I'd plan my wedding for the morning when it's normally clear .... Rain normally comes after lunch in the heat of the day. Hope this helps.

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    I would definitely call. I've ready somewhere (a couple of years ago) that you have to get pre-approval for kids to be there for your wedding, and even then it's not guaranteed.

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