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    Default Vote for new CSS SSB hours!

    So fine, CSS SSB is AN until 6pm (9-6) April through August and until 5pm (9-5) the rest of the year when it opens up for others to come and watch sunset.

    But why should it not formally revert back to AN only & ideally with bar service after sunset has passed.

    Seems many here would like to enjoy the SSB facilities after sunset as well with the same privacy / AN rules afforded to them during the day. I mean really c'mon Randymon why not make it comfortable for those who want to use the facilities in the evening to be able to use them?

    All those in favor of extended AN only hours at SBB after sunset say Irie mon!

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    Being a Couples San Souci "junkie", and now looking forward to our third trip there,I think your idea is awesome. In past trips, we spent all day at SSB but never really ventured there at night. I think it's a great concept to allow guests to make use of SSB for AN activities instead of just letting it go quiet. I know that AN facilities do draw people to the resort, so why limit that feature to daylight hours only.
    Let the beach hours for AN activities be extended to include night time hours.

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    Irie mon! We'll be there the end of April and would love to grab an after dinner drink at SSB while soaking in the hot tub

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    Big ditto!!!!!!!

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    With all due respect, after a full day of sun - and alcohol - there is simply no way we would be able to monitor SSB at night. Besides, the extra cost of staff and security. The hours will remain the same. I trust you will respect and appreciate our position.

    Couples Resorts

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