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    Default CSS Are we too old?

    Getting excited, only 15 more sleeps, then it hit me last night.
    At 63 & 56 are we getting too old for the crowd at CSS? We have been there once before, loved it, just now getting back.
    Both slightly heavier and not the hard bodies we wish we were, but that's life. Would love to hear from anyone that is in our generation and if they were comfortable/uncomfortable with the other guests?

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    You're never too old and certainly won't be the oldest there either. Back in October there were several couples 60+ enjoying SSB. Relax and enjoy.

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    TOO old???? I don't understand that statement. You are not even OLD, never mind TOO old!!! We are 63 and 52, and absolutely love Sunset Beach. I (Paul, 63) certainly do not feel the slightest bit "old". Please, go to SSB, and have a wonderful holiday!!! There are people there from their 20's up to in their 80's. On Sunset Beach, or on any au naturel beach, age is never a concern.

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    We are both 63 and are greatly looking forward to our 4th trip to CSS and SSB in April. Also been to the AN area at CN a couple times. Each time we've had fun interacting with couples in their 20's through the 70's. No problem, mon.

    To quote Jimmy Buffett, we are "growing older, not up"

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    We are youthful mid-sixties and felt quite comfortable on both textile and A/N sides. Remember, 60s are the new 40s! Irie Mon.

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    No one is ever too old or too anything to enjoy SSB!:-)

    Have a great trip!

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    Not in your generation but you are never to old. I have been at couples css many times with people not as young as you. They were great people had a blast socializing with them in the pool. We will be back in June

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    You are absolutely NOT too old for CSS! We were there the last 2 February's, and there were people OLDER than you! Enjoy your trip! Wish we were able to go back this year...

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    Keitha315, get real. I am 61 and my wife 59 and we still love to go to SSB. You are as old as you feel. As Jimmy Buffett says, "I'm growing older, just not up"

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    That's one of the great things about going to a Couples resort. No one is ever to old, to big, to small or anything else. Old is just a state of mind. I'm 72, my wife is 68. We have been going to CTI for almost 18 years. Being at a Couples resort is like being at a magical oasis. Young and old alike, from different parts of the country or around the world, everyone just has a wonderful time. No one makes any judgements or cares what others look like.
    Don't hesitate one minute. And don't wait until your last day to go to SSB. You will not only have a fantastic time, but you will come away with a completely different perspective. Of yourselves and of others. Enjoy.

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    Never too old! Relax and Enjoy!

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