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    We have been to CN (2006) and CSA (2004 for our wedding). We are trying CSS this March (2013).

    We were thinking of booking CTI (Spring 2014) if we like the Ocho area since we have only been to the Negril side. Problem is, we aren't A/N type people. So is it worth it to go? Seems the main draw to CTI is the A/N island. But if you never go there, does it really diminish the quality of your trip? What other highlights does CTI have? It seems more "hotel style" and a bit cramped. I do like open spaces!



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    We were just at CTI for 8 nights. We had a great time and did not go out to the island. There is many couples that enjoy the natural but just as many that don't. Go enjoy the resort. It is wonderful
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    There are plenty of other things to do than go to the island. We were there for 9 days over Christmas and New Years and we only went to the island 3 of those days. While it's a great time, laying on the beach or by the pool is just as nice. It's true that it's more hotel style, but it didn't feel cramped at all (we have previously been to CSA). There is plenty of open space both on the beach side and the garden side of the resort. We had a great time and decided to alternate our trips between CSA and CTI.

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    We love CTI. We love it for some of the things you are commenting about. It is cozier, to me that means I don't have to walk a mile to get to everything. Is it cramped, not at all.
    CTI is not all about the Island, that is one of the things CTI loyalists love about it.
    One thing I do find interesting is, the negative comments made by the other Couples resort followers. I do not see CTI fans bashing the other resorts in this way. One 3 story portion of the resort does not make it a High Rise. Yes the beach is smaller, but there is always plenty of room, it is only for the resort guests.
    A lot of the touristy stuff is on the Ochie side of the Island if you are interested in that. CTI has the Cat. which is one of the things we enjoy on our trips.
    The food, exersize room, staff and other perks are all things we return to CTI for. We have talked about the other resorts, we just don't feel we are missing anything at CTI that prompts a change. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the resorts, unless you are looking for something to be disappointed with.

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    We have been to COR/CTI five times and the island was not a draw for us as we are not A/N people . It does not diminish the quality of the trip at least not for us. The resort is beautiful and the staff is outstanding. It is not cramped in my opinion. Dunns River Falls is a great excursion and they also have shopping trips if you so desire.They have a cat cruise, glass bottom boat and other water sports. You can also make arrangements to have dinner on the island and that is not A/N. It is an extra cost but well worth it.


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    Hi - we are not AN people either. We love CSS but are trying CTI/CSS split in 10 days - WOW - its almost here. We will let you know once there or when we get back what we think of CTI. We have been to CN as well but CSS is where our heart is.

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    We just split a 12 day stay at CSS/CTI. Preferred CSS much more than CTI. We have also stayed at CN and CSA in the past. We both rank the resorts CN, CSA (close second), CSS (a distant third) and CTI (not close). Our next trip will be to CN (or perhaps CB ). Just our two cents...

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    We were also worried about being "confined" at CTI we were there 11 days and did not feel like that once, we did however go off resort quite often (not intentionally or out of necessity but just because there is so much to do!) so for one reason or another - Golf, Catamaran cruise, snorkelling, Dunn's River, CSS for a day etc. Not going to the island really will not diminish your trip at all, it is beautiful to just look at day and night and there is so much more CTI has to offer

    We visited CSS and personally I did really like the layout of it and the beaches, it is much more spread out than CTI and spacious, it is however more rustic I would say and for some they would not like the steps and distances you need to walk between one place and another, it wouldn't have worried us but the benefit of CTI is everything is so close by which in itself makes life very easy and relaxing whilst you are there! The lake at CSS is lovely and yes you can bike around it but it isn't as big as I had perceived it was you could probably walk around it in 10 mins max.

    If food is your thing then CTI would be hard to beat the buffets offer so much choice of really high quality food that varies every day so you don't get bored! The staff are also amazing and should you wish you can really get to know them and hear about their lives, they are great fun to chat with. Other things not to be missed are Dunn's river falls, dinner at all the served restaurants - Eight Rivers - amazing fine dining, Bayside - great Asian on the waterfront and Verandah has a really fun, more laid back atmosphere serving wonderful Jamaican food. Also we really enjoyed paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, golf, also the nature walk was really interesting around parts of the resort you may otherwise not have seen (get breakfast first though as it is a good hour tour!), then during the day there was always something going on, talks on Jamaica, tie die making, massage lessons... etc etc.

    Depending on how long your trip is going to be you could also consider a split with CSS? We weren't overly impressed about the lunch that was at the buffet the day we visited but we may have hit a bad day and CTI food is very hard to live up to!

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    I read a lot of reviews on TripAdvisor that said the beach wasn't very good at CTI (little beach and unable to go into the water due to wind)and that the bathrooms and rooms were filthy. Is the accurate? We are very close to booking our trip and I just want to make sure we're picking the right place.

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    Actually, most people who go to CTI never go to the Island. Instead, they sit at the swim up bar and make fun of those that go.

    If you like open spaces, perhaps you won't like CTI. But, still it's not like anyone should hate it. The food is the best we've had at an all inclusive, the staff is wonderful, there is plenty to do. It never feels crowded to us. It's nowhere near the feel of a high rise, and it's great having all the amenities a short distance away. The spa is awesome as well. When you are at CSS try it out for the day. You won't get to experience dinner, but you can check out the atmosphere.

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    Jenni, if the beach was completely unusable and the rooms/bathrooms filthy do you honestly think that CTI would have a TA rating of 4.5 out of 5?? I have read CTI's TA reviews as well and I didn't notice the many reviews that say that so I am not sure what you consider "a lot". I take most negative TA reviews with a grain of salt. Someone's definition of a filthy room may be a smudge on a faucet and definition of an unusable beach is a wave higher than their waist... If you focus on just reading negative posts about a resort on TA, you will find that even the Ritz Carelton in NY is a dump.

    If you are worried about a better beach, book a Negril resort and avoid Ochos Rios altogether. If you are looking for a resort where the rooms are perfect, you may never find a suitable location anywhere. My advice is to go with your gut and weigh the good and bad reviews and most importantly don't stress about things or you WILL have a terrible time since you will be focused on the negatives all the time.

    I hope you make the right choice and good luck on your trip.


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    The beach is not huge but seems to be plenty big for everyone, many go to the island, many hang out at 1 of the 2 pools so there is plenty of room on the beach, the beaches are not as big as the Negril resorts.

    We were in the water every day in September, you can always get bad weather any where in the world.

    Filthy rooms or bathrooms, cannot believe that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenniJ0720 View Post
    I read a lot of reviews on TripAdvisor that said the beach wasn't very good at CTI (little beach and unable to go into the water due to wind)and that the bathrooms and rooms were filthy. Is the accurate? We are very close to booking our trip and I just want to make sure we're picking the right place.
    Um, no. We have stayed at CTI a total of 15 nights in the past two years in different room categories and never have we ever experienced a room that is any less than spotless.

    The beach is definitely nice. Is it smaller than the Negril side? Sure. But there is always plenty of room and plenty of chairs and CTI makes sure the beach is litter-free and ready to use, even after a storm. I feel reasonably certain that CTI is not responsible for the wind. Some days are better for beach dipping than others due to weather, regardless of where you go.

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    I don't know who posted hat on Trip Advisor but don't believe a word of it. Rooms at CTI extremely clean as are the restrooms.

    The beach is large enough and the only time the wind affects anything is any boating or snorkeling.

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    I didn't find anything wrong with the beach itself, it isn't a beach you can stroll along for a long walk but there is plenty of space and chairs for everyone to sit on. In eleven days we only couldn't go in the sea one day, you could still paddle in the edge but the waves were too strong to swim in it, the other days is was fine and people were always in it floating around. Some days it was totally flat and others it had more waves but they were great to play in if you wanted to or you could just go a little further to float.

    I'm not sure which bathrooms you heard were filthy but all the public ones were spotless day and night and were forever being cleaned. The rooms were also cleaned to a very high standard we never had an issue with that. The rooms also get freshened up with a turndown service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ct ti fan View Post
    Actually, most people who go to CTI never go to the Island. Instead, they sit at the swim up bar and make fun of those that go.
    I witnessed a lot of that on our last trip! lol. I would just smirk because usually we had just returned from the island

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    Hi Tallman2nd

    Would you mind expanding on what you preferred about CSS compared to CTI as we stayed at CTI but visited CSS and really liked the beaches/layout/feel but the lunch buffet that day wasn't anywhere near comparable to the food we had experienced at CTI. What was your overall experience of food CSS vs CTI having stayed at both?

    Also how do CSA and CN compare in terms of food.

    Also would you mind sharing your top reasons for rating CN/CSA over CSS/CTI? I'm really unsure where our next trip should be!

    Many thanks!

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    Thanks for the responses. Will see if hubby wants to do a trading places to CTI to check it out.

    I see my thread has gone a little off course.... But have at it!

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    We will be there in 17 days for our 10th trip to CTI. We go for 2 weeks. We have visited the Island a couple of times, but always live on the clothed-beach-side. We so love it there! There's also great space all around the pool, so lots to choose from. Sun_princess says you will love it there!

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