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    Default Couples Resort Hopping

    We are booked at CSA in August. Can you visit CN for the AN beach?

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    Be sure and sign up for Romace Rewards at the bottom of the page. On your first visit , you can do the Trading Places day to the sister resort in the same town. It's on m-w-f from 10-4. We visited cn last trip. If you want to leave the resort early like we did, be suresure and bring cab fare. They are only about 5 minutes from eachother. In your future visits, you will earn other perks like invites to repeaters dinner, tshirts and massage oils, sparkling wine. Enjoy!

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    Yes, you can do a day trip to CN from CSA, but you have to be a Romance Rewards member. Sign up on this website for Romance Rewards. The "trading places" days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sign up with the concierge at CSA (the concierge is located near check-in in the lobby). The trading places shuttle van picks you up at 10:00 and brings you back at 4:00. You can use the AN beach at CN while you are visiting.

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