My fiance and I are spending our honeymoon at Couples Swept Away in August! I am so excited and have been reading through the message boards non-stop! I do have a few questions (that I didn't see or couldn't find) that I wanted to throw out there and see if anyone has the answers.

1. We are traveling on a Saturday and getting in at 9:55am. I saw posts about customs and immigration waits/lines on Saturday afternoons, but has anyone ever flow in the morning and know if it is busy then too?

2. Since we are traveling on our honeymoon a few weeks after our wedding, I am not going to change my last name until we get home to keep all of the documents the same. For this reason, should I check single on the custom/immigration form (or do you know where I can find out information on how to fill it out in this case)? I would hate to get held up because of a small mistake like that.

3. We booked a Beach Front Suite. The website has no pictures on what it looks like....and the 360 view shows you the premier beach front. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures that they can share for the BFS. If it seems to be a big difference we may upgrade to the Premier....but if it is similar and still has a nice size veranda, then I am happy with keeping what we got. Also, are the BFS in the same location as the Premier BFS and same building? I know you are not allowed to request rooms, but I am wondering if it would be easier to be located more center of the resort and if we ask if we could, are there even BFS located in the center?

Overall, I am beyond excited to go and keep checking the message board while dreaming of being in tropical paradise with the one I love! Thank you in advance for any comments, info and help!