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    Default Hope I'm not wrong..Just about ready to make the Switch.

    I've been torn up over the resort choice we made back in October. We chose CTI for 12 nights this April 13 and I've been watching reviews and learning new info. all the time. We have been to CN in 2011 and LOVED it. We thought we wanted to try CTI because it looks so Chic and more modern but maybe too much for us. I'm worried about the island being closed and I read that the beach gets shady at 3:30 pm. That would be a downside to me because we usually stay out as long as the sun does! I'm torn about making the change but I'm afraid of not having as great a time at CTI. Also, I don't know if CTI is busy enough for us! We loved the locals on the beach at CN shouting out " Cigaarrrrs, Ciiiggaretttes,'s gonna be a HOT, HOT HOT!! I need to decide soon. We would be paying 300$ more for 3 less nights at CN....Driving myself nuts with this decision... Can anyone help tip the scale one way or the other?

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    So my husband and I went to CTI last year and LOVED IT!! However if you are wanting vendors walking by on the beach this is not the place! It is a private breach, the only vendor I saw was a guy on a boat selling shells. I love the private beach I could enjoy the beach without worrying about vendors bugging me. There was tons to do at CTI if you wanted to stay busy all day or you could just relax and enjoy the beach or swim up bar. I have to be honest with you my husband and I spent a lot of time at the swim up bar, lots of great friends we met there!! The Island I was told was wonderful, that if you like to bath nude :-) My husband I were not that brave but the friends we met love it out there!! The rooms were probably like the ones at CN not 5 star but very nice. I think you should give CTI a try. i can tell you that my husband and I are going to CN this year in May :-) So wondering if it going to be as great as CTI. So we are going through the same thing you are wondering if we made the right choice :-) I hope this helped and whatever you decided have a great vacation!!

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    Hi lhenry,

    We were also @ CN in April 2011 and chose CTI this April 25- May 2nd for the same reasons you did. Remember that the current reviews are for the months of Jan and Dec where the sun is lower on the Horizon and goes down earlier. Check out the TA reviews from May 2012 for a better idea and base your opinion of sun/shade/water on those as they reflect the same time of year you we are going. When April arrives you'll likely have the sun until 5:00/30pm or more instead of 3:30. We had our 2nd thoughts already as you have about choosing Ochos Rios instead of CN. From studying the reviews and threads I expect the same or better service, food, rooms, pools and most importantly relaxation and comfort. Sure, the beach is inferior and water is different but for us, these are small things. For the record though, if you are looking to change to CN or CSA, it's unfortunately not an option as they are booked solid into early May.

    Don't worry about it, you're going to a Couples resort and the vast majority of reviews are stellar! You will enjoy your stay! Remember, you're on vacation!


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    If the beach is the issue...Get out earlier. We will be there on the 13th as well! I will do my best to liven the place up for ya! LOL. My GF is always telling me I'm a comedian anyway!

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    Both CSS and CTI have private beaches so no vendors walking by and no long walks. We have stayed at CSS 3 times and there is sun on the beach until it goes down. We go in April and since Jamaica does not change their clocks like we do in the states their time is an hour behind us then. That may contribute to the earlier loss of sunshine you have read about. If it is just shadows from the palm trees...well, move your chaise lounge. No problem.
    This early April we will be doing a split visit between CTI (4 nights to see a new resort and visit CSS on April 12 where we were married) and our favorite Couples CSA (5 nights. Ahhh, the sunsets, beach walks, fish tacos at Sea Grapes, Banana Stuffed French Toast at Patois...sorry, I went to CSA there for a minute). I am not sure about the island at CTI being closed after the hurricane. They did lose a dock but by April it could be all fixed. We will both find out about the same time. I think CSA has the latest entertainment at night in their Aura Nightclub with music and dancing after other activities have ended. Not sure if that is what you wanted. Click on the resort you want on the top of the Couples site and then click on the "Inclusions & Activities" link on the left. Then click the "View Social Schedule" link at the bottom to see what is happening there.

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    CTI is essentially an old hotel, the beach is smaller, however, the A/N island is a big draw. Those who frequent CTI would never give a thought to CN or CSA. Likewise, those of us who prefer the Negril side of the island shun both CSS and CTI.

    That having been said, there are no bad Couples properties. It's just what you prefer for your vacation. The Ocho Rios side has most of the tourist attractions and of course, Scotchies - the best jerk restaurant in the world. The Negril side has the beach and is more relaxed. Since you've already been to CN, I wouldn't change your plans. Experience all that Jamaica has to offer!
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    go to cti, it's amazing and worth staying at, even if it's just once. i love cn, but cti is great!! if it isn't your new favorite, fine, you will still have soooo much fun! do the excursions, trade places, and get yourselves to the island whenever possible!!!
    you can always go back to cn, but cti is such an incredible value!!!

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    Well, this is probably not what you want to hear, but we started at CN and fell in love with it. Did a split with CSS and CN. Liked CSS a lot. Then we did a split with CN and CTI. After the first day at CTI, we started making arrangements to got back to CN. We were only at CTI for 2 nights and hated it! We wne t back to CN and all was wonderful again!
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    I think CN is sold out for most of April now ... it may not be an option
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    Based on what I read in your post, I think that you should stay at CN. You said that you liked the vendors on the beach, concerns about the island being closed, you also have to wait for the boat to go to and from, and the sun leaving some areas of the beach early. Usually, I would always tell someone that they will love CTI, as I am a long time repeater there. I would tell them of the beautiful new refurbishing of the resort. It is definitley more modern, I'm not sure if it is more "chick".
    But in your case, I would stick with what you know will give you a great time at CN.
    It would be nice if you could come and visit CTI for a day, and see for yourself what's in store. Perhaps another time. But it sounds as though you still belong to CN. No problem.

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    The advice that follows comes from someone who is constantly second guessing her decisions, not someone who is chronically relaxed. We are planning our first trip to Couples in March (CSA!) and I have struggled with the same question- was this the resort for us? Is there a better one? But you know what- I push all those thoughts aside for many reasons:

    1. Why take a relaxing tropical vacation if you're going to stress your self out more than usual before you get there?
    2. Too much information can be a vacation killer. For example, when I was scouring TA while trying to choose a resort I had to take a step back from every single detail (which is based on someone's opinion, and suited to their tastes) and realize that every single couples resort is rated at least 4.5/5 stars! Who cares if one person didn't like the food because most people did!
    2. There is something to love at every resort and probably something to wish was different. If there is some facet that is important to you once you arrive that you wish was different, just focus on the other wonderful pieces- of which, I'm sure there will be many.
    3. Wherever you go, you will have a wonderful time. The only person who can ruin your trip is you! Barring some illness, injury or natural disaster, everything should be wonderful even if the resort does not meet your specs exactly.

    With all that said and knowing nothing about CTI, it seems to me that only whether would dictate whether or not the island is closed. So this is out of your control. And I'm sure that there are spots on the beach that stay sunny until the sun sets. I recommend looking at the 360 views of the beach on the CTI website and look at the landscape yourself- are there a lot of trees? Is there a big building or mountain that would block the sun?

    They do say that variety is the spice of life. Since this is your 2nd trip I assume there will be another. If you don't like CTI then go back to CN and know that you are justified in your decision to keep going back. But not everyone thrives off of change, the unknown, and adventure. If you can't get yourself to relax I say that you should try to rebook at CN, relax, and wait in hopeful anticipation of your upcoming trip!

    Have fun and good luck with the decision!

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    There is no question that the beach is definitely better at the Negril resorts. That said, $300 more for 3 fewer days is a very significant sacrifice. I would not presume to advise you other than to just research as thoroughly as you can, and don't be afraid of taking a chance. I can't imagine that you'd have a bad time at any Couples resort.

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    Ihenry...I'm sure you will receive a lot of responses to this question. We have been to CTI, CSS and CN. Our favorites are CN and CSS. While we enjoyed CTI, it is too hotel-like for us. But if you are looking for Chic it may be perfect for you. CN and CSS give us more of the Caribbean feeling. If you were only staying 7 nights, I'd say go to CTI and have a great time. 12 nights is a long time if you are not real happy. If I were you, I would book 6 nights at CTI and 6 nights at CSS. CSS is absolutely gorgeous and they have a nice A/N secluded beach. The rooms are all-suites with ocean views. It is getting a little close to going to make changes. Who knows if there would be rooms available. You will get responses from people who absolutely love CTI and will tell you to go for it. If you go to CTI and really are not happy, ask if you can switch to CSS. It is all personal preference.

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    If it was an even swap, then I would say switch back to CN because you are already going in with with a negative perception of CTI. That being said, NO WAY should you switch and lose vacation days....and pay more! CTI has its devoted followers (Myself included. Trip #4 coming up in September) so you know they're doing something right! It's great! You will have a wonderful time! Just try not to go into it "comparing" between the two because you will be sure to be disappointed.

    I know there is a large group of people that meet up every April (April Amigos, I believe) and they spend the entire time out at the island. Maybe one of them can chime in on the weather that time of year.

    DO NOT cut your vacation short because you are panicking! That would be silly!

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    I have been to both CTI and CN. While I prefer CN I would not have wanted to miss out on CTI. I enjoyed it for all different reasons then why I love CN.
    The oceanview rooms are right on the ocean. You can fall asleep to crashing waves.
    The spa was heaven.
    Food delish
    Dunns is a must do at least once.
    You can check out CSS for trading places
    DId not check out the island but it was never closed when we were there.
    Didn't notice the setting sun but I was probably by the pools at that time

    Go and enjoy. Its Couples. No worries.

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    Can you split 6-6 at each resort? Do that.

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    Take a deep breath. Vacation should not stress someone this much . How are you going to feel leaving your trip 3 days earlier than necessary? It's Jamaica, it's vacation. Can CTI really be that bad? Seriously. We have 82 days till our trip to CTI and even though we haven't stayed at Couples yet, we are already in love with it. Good luck in your choice. But from what I've read, none of the resorts is a bad decision.

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    My wife and I have been in the same boat before. We split a trip one time and were supposed to stay at Swept Away for 3 day then CN for 7 more. We decided after 1 night that Swept Away wasn't for us. It was an extremely beautiful resort but it just didn't have the same feel as CN. We have been to CN 7 times now with our 8th planned for July. Good Luck with your decision!

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    Have you thought about splitting? We did that a few years ago. We did 7 nights at CN because we knew we loved it and because we wanted to try something new, we did 5 at CTI. CN took care of getting us over to CTI. CTI is indeed modern...sort of reminded me of something out of South Beach Miami but I love that style as well as the style at CN. I also loved the history of CTI...I loved the pink and silver piano bar...very Rat Pack. Oh and when we were there...the former Prime Minister was staying there so you know the level of service is pretty awesome.

    Here are some things to think about. The beach at CN is far question about it. However, the beach at CTI is nice it's just secluded. Also the water when we went, was a little more ruff at CTI and you need to be a bit careful when you first walk in...almost need water shoes for a few's not all sand like CN. We found that most people hung around one of the two pools at CTI. The pool bar always much more lively obviously. I don't remember having an issue with the beach being shady at 3:30 but I'm usually by the pool bar that time of day anyway. But you can find sun around both pools. As far as the can't go over if you aren't going to be completely nude. And they do close it if it's not safe to get you to the Island but it wasn't closed every day when we went.

    We have met so many great people at both places. I think it is what you put out there. And the staff at CTI was just as awesome as at CN. You must eat at Eight Rivers if you do go to food I have EVER eaten and I lived in NYC for years.

    We tend to go back to CN when we can't stay more than 7 days because that is our comfort zone...the first Couples resort we ever went to. However, I fully intend on staying at all of the resorts at some point. Honestly...try and do the split. That way you can't go wrong. Hope this helps a little. Again, I did really enjoy CTI but I also completely understand that it's hard not to go to CN. We went to Mexico last year and I won't do that again...can't beat the staff or the people you meet at a Couples.

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    We went to CSA in September 2010 and booked CTI for 9 days during Christmas/New Years this past year. I, like you, was nervous that we wouldn't like it as much as CSA. I even said on the way down there that I wish we could change our reservation. I'm glad we didn't. CTI is wonderful! I still don't like it better than CSA, but I have a theory that whichever Couples resort you visit first is your automatic favorite. The beach was great, the island was awesome (we were there 9 days and it was only closed twice due to high winds and waves), the staff was AMAZING, the food was great, and the drinks were plentiful. I liked the feel and decor of the resort, but again, it was completely different than CSA.

    Don't stress about your vacation. You'll have sun, sand, drinks, and your significant other no matter which resort you stay at. That's the important thing!

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    We were at CTI in over late December/early January and the sun really does disappear earlier than you would expect firstly from the swim up pool and that end of the beach then the shade works its way down to the veggie/bar, restaurant end of the beach. The only place that has sun after that is the island which closes at 5pm or you have to swim a way out in to the sea beyond the shadow of the building. There is nowhere on the beach side of the resort that has sun until sunset because the building is close to the beach and the sun sets behind the building, the beach faces approx NE hence the issue. It isn't a case of a palm tree creating shade and you can move in to the sun, the building shadows the entire beach once the sun starts to drop behind it.

    We are sun lovers also enjoy it to late in the day and seeing it set. You don't get that at CTI. You do however at CSS so maybe that would be an option for you and then you could do a trading day to CTI so you can see it.

    Whilst there are no vendors on the beach there is plenty going on at the resort you won't be bored and the staff there are amazing, the trip to Dunn's river is also something not to be missed. Also the island when we were there was only shut for two days out of the eleven and we used these days to go to CSS or Dunnís river etc. The staff told us that the winds were normally high in December but settle later in the year so you may not have an issue.

    I don't know about CN so can't compare but the food at CTI you could not fault with so much choice and high quality, people have said that this is also the case at CSS but having been at CTI and going to CSS for a day the lunch was nowhere near comparable in terms of choice.

    If it were me I definitely would not shorten my vacation by three days for being somewhere three days longer where the sun goes a bit earlier... you'll get many more hours sun in those extra three days at CTI overall and three days more vacation is three more days to do trips, relax, activities at the resort, lovely lunches and dinners, try out all the cocktails...I wouldn't miss three extra days of that! Also as people have said the situation is likely to be different as the year goes on and the sun gets higher.

    Whilst it isn't ideal about the sun going early with everything else that CTI has to offer it really isn't a big issue unless you let it become one, there is plenty to do there come 5pm - sit at the bar, play table tennis, pool, there are loads of games in the games room, enjoy the hot tubs. It didn't even come close to spoiling our vacation it was just something that surprised us and hadn't read about anywhere else. Being back in the cold now I would have loved to extend our trip by three days and certainly would not have shortened it!!

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    Lucky you...12 nights!! I would do 6 nights at CTI and 6 nights at CSS. They are both wonderful places with different vibes and ambiance. We love CSS and were worried about trying CSA but once I settled in...I fell in love with CSA, as well. Now, we alternate between the two.'s all good!

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