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    I know many travellers do this already, but what my husband and I do when travelling is each pack 1/2 of our clothes/shoes/bathing suits (if you are not AN!) in each other's suitcase. At least then if one suitcase is delayed by a day or two, one person isn't completely without a full wardrobe!

    On our last trip to CSS, we met a couple who travelled on a direct flight from Canada and the airline lost the guys suitcase. His wife was fully outfitted in her bathing suits/daytime wear/evening wear, but he was sadly walking around the resort in his travelling shorts for 3 days and was quite upset about the ordeal. He managed to borrow a button-up shirt from a fellow traveller for one evening's dinner, but he was an unusual size so he had a difficult time to find suitable clothes to purchase.

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    yes we have always packed a little bit in each luggage just for that exact reason.

    My poor husband if they lost my luggage and I didnt have swimsuits or clothes or anything lol
    Lost luggage is always a deep fear of mine.

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    My boyfriend and I each bring a carry-on with a full day of clothes just in case this happens.

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    On our last vacation, both our bags were delayed a day so that wouldn't have worked, although we are going to do it for our next trip anyway, as well as packing a very few things in our carry on.

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    We travel carry on ONLY.... never get lost luggage unless we lose it ourselves...

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    Good tip!

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    Yes we do that and have atleast enough things for the first day in our carry on . It's starligt gala the first night we arrive so will make sure we proper attire for that with us .

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    and be sure to have your swimsuit in a carry on in case you can't get into your room right away - we have always packed this way so we both bore the pain of lost luggage

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