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    Default This rain is gonna make us do it.....!

    I believe if the NE United States has one more day of cold, damp, fog, rain we will be pushed to brink of sanity and just book for mid February!!! Is it a higher being that is leading us all to this decision??? Is it a sign from... dare we say it... Him?

    Let's face it, the killa flu is sweeping the country, the weather is at an all time crappy and everyone is walking around with a sour puss in the northeast! Does anyone think white sandy beaches, clear blue water and skies with a heaping of all inclusive food and spirits might be the cure???

    The click finger is poised over the BOOK IT button!!!

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    It's 6 days later and it's colder, windier and snow coming here in the northeast.I think you should hit the BOOK IT button. That seems to be the ONLY cure!

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