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    Default wireless connection

    My fiancee asked me last night if we will be able to stay connected to the Internet during our December honeymoon at CSA. I wanted to confirm because I've heard conflicting information. Is the wireless only free if you have your own connection? Or are you able to use the Internet lounge for free as well? I thought someone somewhere mentioned having to buy a card to use the lounge.

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    All the resorts have an area or area's that you can connect to WiFi and get on the internet at no extra cost. To use the Wifi you have to bring a Wifi lap top computer, a IPOD touch, or some other WiFi device.

    Couples does provide an internet lounge complete with desk top computers that you can use to check your email and do other web stuff. The lounges, the use of the desk top computers, and the internet time are also included at no extra cost.

    Couples does not have a code or password on the Wifi. You can just connect.

    I hope this answers your question.
    Irie Mon

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