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    Default Private dinner on island

    My husband and I are arriving on April 10-17 for our 20th wedding anniversary. We are very interested in having a private dinner on the island. Can we reserve an island table before we arrive, or do we have to wait till we get to the resort? Just a little worried since that week is completely sold out. Thanks for help!! Only 84 days!!

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    It is my understanding that you must wait until you arrive at the resort. I plan on reserving everything while my other half is checking in.

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    You can book before you get there. Just email the romance concierge from the website. That's what we did when we went in December. It's an amazing time. We did it the night after Christmas, and we were the only couple out there. Definitely worth the money.

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    My wife and I celebrated our 25th three years ago with dinner on the beach. I was able to call Couples and make the reservation ahead of time, so I think that it would be possible for you to do the same. When you arrive, just verify your reservation at the concierge desk, where you'll be booking your other dinner reservations as well. Congratulations!

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    If it's like CSS, you can (and I would) reserve ahead of time.

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    We're visiting CN in May for our 20th and I just booked a private dinner via email, as stated above.

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    You can reserve the dinner ahead of time. My wife and I had dinner on the island 12/28/12 and it was well worth the extra price. We celebrated our 20th anniversary.You can pay for the dinner when you check in.


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    Thanks for the responses!! One less thing to worry about.

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