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    Hey everyone! I am getting married at Couples Tower Isle on June 27, 2013, and I am so excited! I have TONS of questions and I thought this might be a good place to get some answers!

    I have spent quite some time looking through all of the past posts and I am noticing that a just about every bride keeps their hair in an up-do. Being that I'm insane, I want to keep my hair down, and curled, and I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with this? Did you do it yourself or did you go to the salon? Did it stay?

    We are having the sunset wedding with the Tower Isle package, and I was told by the coordinator that typically the centerpieces for the reception dinner are usually vases with floating candles and small flowers, we can also take the flower décor from the wedding gazebo after the ceremony. Has anyone stuck with the centerpieces that were included in the pricing, and do you have pictures?

    Also, I am trying to decide if I should wear heels or not, given that we will be taking the boat over to the island. I don't want to wear flats (love my heels and the improved posture they give me) but I'm also not sure if I would be likely to lose my balance or trip on the boat or even the floor of the island. Any thoughts from anyone?

    In general, I haven't heard all too much about the Tower Isle package, so if you have any tips or photos that would be great!

    I'm sure that I'm going to have more questions but this is all that pops into my head right now! If anyone has any feedback, please let me know! Thanks so much!!

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    Kelsey, congrats to you guys. You are going to have an awesome time. I'll tell you, I'm not an updo or heels kind of gal so I had my hair styled at the salon and it turned out nice but I have thin hair and it did flop in the heat somewhat even with hairspray. We got married at 10am atcsa and it was still warm but the best day ever! I went barefoot but I have seen some gals wear these barefoot sandals and they are pretty. I haven't been to cti so I don't know about heels there. I personally would have fallen on my face! Happy planning!!Name:  IMG_20110307_123930.jpg
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    Name:  Image 9.jpg
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Size:  262.8 KBI got married at CTI in a beach location ceremony on 9/24/12. We got married in the morning. I did curl my hair and wore it down. I did it myself. It did stay pretty nice, despite the high humidity because it had just been storming right before our ceremony. Because of the beach location, my husband and I both wore sandals. I don't think you're likely to trip on the way to the island, however. Quite frankly, with the level of service you will get, you could probably get someone to carry you if needed! Lol.

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