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    Default CSS Penthouse Suites - Photos please!

    This will be our 3rd time at CSS, and we are going to stay in one of the penthouse suites this time. We have requested D block, but don't know if we will get it.

    Does anyone have any pictures they could share of the penthouses suites? I did a search, and although some old posts had a few pictures, a lot of the links no longer work. If anyone has any they willing to share, it would be appreciated!

    Do all the penthouse rooms in D block have a big shower? I know from researching that only Steve McQueen and Harry Belafonte have the extra 1/2 bath, and that Steve McQueen has a shower that could supposedly fit 20 people. But do the other suites also have a big shower too, although maybe not quite as big at the one in Steve McQueen?


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    What great pictures, thanks for posting!

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    We were in D-20, the Roger Moore Suite. Here's a link to the pictures we took on that trip, there are quite a few of the inside of the room, and also of the balcony. We liked it very much, but for us, the one bedroom ocean suites in G block are much nicer, with more privacy and better views.

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    Hi TandJ, I can tell you that the Roger Moore Suite, D-20 has a standard, stand alone shower. We have also stayed in E-9 and E-12 and they have a standard tub-shower combo. The penthouse in C-8 has two full baths--one bath has a tub-shower combo and one bath just has a small shower. One other think to know about C-8 is that it has a smaller balcony and not the best view--but it does have an awesome double lounger that is great for taking a nap! As for that shower in D-14, the Steve McQueen Suite, we have had the good fortune to stay in that suite 3 times and that huge blue-tiled shower is amazing!!!!:-)

    Have a great trip!

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