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    Default Rooms at Couples Negril - Swept Away

    WOW!! I am really impressed by the amount of posts on the message board by happy travelers. My Fiance and I are getting married on May 18, 2013 and are looking for a honeymoon spot. We are 75/25 between Couples Negril - Swept Away (75%) and Sandals Negril (25%). I am trying to understand a few things about the resort at Couples Negril.

    Types of rooms available durring our dates:

    Great Verandah Suite
    Great House Verandah Suite
    Atrium Suite
    Ocean Verandah Suite

    Since this is for a honeymoon I was hoping to find a room with the larger tub to be able to relax in the morning and late evening.


    Do any of the above mentioned rooms have a Juccuzi type tub?
    Which resort is better for honeymooners (CN or CN - Swept Away)

    Is there any type of private dinner that we can do? Something romantic?

    Is May a good time of year to go to Jamaica?

    Also, does anyone have any better pictures of what the rooms actually looked like. Hard to get a good idea off the website pictures.

    Any other news/recommendations anyone can provide for the perfect honeymoon would be awesome. Thank you so much and have a great rest of the day!

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi Ben,
    We've been to both CN and CSA and love both. You can't go wrong with either one!! We do personally prefer CSA over CN because it's more spread out and it has and extra, awesome, dining option, Seagrapes Cafe, which we love. That being said, our favorite room at either resort so far was the Beachfront Suite at CN. The room is huge and has an enormous bathroom that has the jacuzzi you're looking for. Your verandah also has a hammock which we spent alot of time in

    I think both resorts are great for honeymooners. Both offer private dining on the beach (for a fee). Also, the Beachfront Suite category offer in-suite dining for this room category. The Garden Suite at CN also has the jacuzzi tub and in-suite dining. We didn't do the in-suite dining, so can't comment on it, but I'm sure it's great! Is the Great House Jacuzzi Suite available at CSA for your visit? If so, that's the way to go at CSA. Pretty sure it's the only room category with a jacuzzi tub. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. I've attached a picture of the bathroom we had in our Beachfront Suite at CN. Hope some of this info helps! Name:  P3270006.JPG
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    I think those room categories are for Swept Away and I believe the Great house jacuzzi suites have a larger jacuzzi. The other ones have the standard size tubs/shower combo.
    There is a private dinner option at all resorts for 175.00 I think. That's what we paid in 09 anyway.
    The pictures of the rooms on the website are very accurate. Either resort would be a great choice for a honeymoon. We got married at csa in 04 and have trip #5 to csa booked for April. We tried css once also but the beach at csa keeps us coming back.
    We did do the private dinner at Sans Souci and it was very romantic. Good luck deciding, they are all good.
    If you would like some pix of swept away, email me at ,sara

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    WOW! That was fast! Thank you so much. We actually spoke to our travel agent yesterday. She is looking at the Beachfront Suite and the Garden Suite for us today and if available booking! This is for the CN. We will be there (if available) on May 21 - May 28. I will have to check out the dining on the beach! That sounds awesome!

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    The Atrium Suites and Beachfront Suites at CSA do not have tubs. They both have walk in showers with the rainfall shower head. Of course they do offer other unique things. No glass in the windows! Screens and adjustable wooden louvers make for an amazing experience with the sounds of Jamaica at night drifting into your room. You do still have ceiling fans and AC in the rooms for the nights after you close your louvers. Usually, turn down service does this for you. Also, no TV in these room types. I never understood who goes to paradise to watch TV but not having to listen to your neighbors choice of shows is great. Just the sound of the rolling surf and the peeping of the tree frogs. Ya mon. The Beachfront Premier Suite has a huge balcony or wrap around porch with amazing views of the sunset. They are literally steps from the beach. We love CSA. You can not beat the Seven Mile Beach for relaxing or long walks past other resorts and local merchants.
    May should be a great month to go to Jamaica. We were married there (CSS) in early April and go back each year. Heading to CSA this April for the fourth time after three times to CSS. The summer is the rainier season so you should still be good. Even when it does rain, it does so in the mid afternoon and usually only lasts a short time. Still, a rainy day in Jamaica is better than a sunny day at work any time.

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