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    Default CSS - Paddleboarding?

    Does anyone know if paddleboarding is available at CSS? I saw it listed under inclusions, but I wasn't sure for which resort.

    I have always wanted to try it!


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    I know that they had them at CN last year and I belive someone told me CSA did as well. They are more of a cross between a kayak and paddle board. It's a great board to learn on. If your looking to do a river tour paddle there is also a SUP guy in Negril. He has nice YOLO boards and rents to bigger groups as well. You can find him on Facebook at SUP Negril. Either way hop on a board and have fun, you will be hooked.

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    They did not have it at CSS when we were there last September.

    We've done it before at CN and liked it. At CSS I suggested to the watersports guy that I could improvise by using the board from a windsurfer and a paddle from the kayak. He did not like the idea (can't recall why not).

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