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    Hi All!

    I'm so excited about our wedding coming up next July at CSA! I am wondering if they will let us use our own officiant...does anyone know or anyone that could help me with this one? We have a close friend that will be going and is ordained to perform weddings...we would love it if he could marry us there.

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


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    They will allow you to have your own, however it is Jamaican law that their official have part of the ceremony and pronounce you man and wife. At my daughters wedding in March their official Rev. Rose was excellent and preformed a beautiful ceremony. You can just coordinate it with your wedding planner just be sure the party stays at the resort or you have to pay an extra fee for them to be there. Best daughter's was perfect, and yours will be too.

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    Unless your officiant has been licensed by the Jamaican government to perform marriage ceremonies, then he is not legally authorized to marry you. He wound be allowed to participate in the ceremony if you like, but only ministers licensed by the Jamaican government have the authority to perform marriage ceremonies.
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