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    Default HOUSTON we have a PROBLEM

    Ok, I have a tricky one for you. I really love Jamaica. I have been there twice before. Once with a friend to Kingston and Port Antonio and once with my husband to CSA/Negril in 2007. My husband and I are going again in Oct 2010 and I would be perfectly content going each year or more realistically money-wise every other year. However, upon notifying my husband this year that I had booked our second trip for CSA in October 2010, he was cool, but immediately said, "Ok, but next time, we will go someplace else, maybe, Mexico, just to see other places." I'm not COOL with that. Mexico IS beautiful, but I don't want to go to a resort in Mexico. Ok, it would probably be nice, but I can't choose Mexico over Jamaica. Once you go to Jamaica, you know!!! But he went, I wonder what HE missed? Maybe, it's the second time that you go that YOU KNOW for some people??? Any tips to make him see just how great COUPLES is? Any tips on how I can convince him that nothing can top it??? I already know nothing can, but for some reason, although he loved CSA, he thinks he may be missing out on something. I don't have money to waste to convince him otherwise by going someplace else. Any ideas?

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    Since he is your hubby it is a lil odd you are asking the board for advise on why he does what he does lol anyways let see what we can surmise.
    1) maybe he wants to experience a larger "brand new " resort with winding river pools tons of fountains and marble. Couples by design is smaller rustic and let ornate
    2) maybe he enjoy not speaking or understanding spanish so he has no obligation to interact with the locals simply nod and smile know you have no clue what the person is trying to sell you
    3) In order for a person to have a favorite that means that need some baseline reference . For those who live in places where dominoes or papa johns is pizza how would you know it is "good" so maybe your hubby need more collateral to make an objective decision for the next time
    4) It is much easier to buy one of the large ornate sambreros or luche libra mask in mexico then it is in JA

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    Actually I face this problem all the time, only it is me. Don't get me wrong I love Couples, but ever once in a while I think that we should try other places in the world. How else am I going to know, stone cold, that Couples is the best place on earth.

    So what we do is try to go some place different every other year. Except then I go to Couples (CN for us) and I think why would I want to go anywhere else.

    I guess what I am saying is that as soon as he arrives at Couples he will remember why it is so wonderful and want to book your next trip before you leave. My advice, just get him there and he will Know.

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    I wish Couples would start building on other islands, it would solve some of these issues for some of us.......I know there was talk of it awhile back.

    We did Puerto Vallarta with our daughter in 08 right after our CSS trip and the entire trip we were comparing everything, we drove her nuts.

    We did a timeshare in Cancun last year, although nice....... not Couples, comparisons all over the place, but am I sorry I experienced those places no, I'm thrilled I got to see them.

    Our 2010 trip to CSS was suppose to be to Punta Cana, but none of the resorts offered what Couples did and were the size of Couples. We have 3 other couples joining us 2 of which have travelled to Couples with us in the past, I was keeping my "I just wanna go to JA/Couples mouth shut" they made the decision on JA I talked them into trying CSS this time. I love my friends!!!!

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    There is nothing wrong with wanting to visit other place. We always do but we do ALWAYS come back to Couples. For us, life is too short not to experience all we can while we are young and able. A fair compromise - rotate your vacations, one year go to Jamaica, the next to another location, then back to Jamaica. Last year was Dominican Republic, this year is Couples for us, next year, we will be trying out Belize - something completely different.

    Good Luck!

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    We're doing both St Lucia and Jamaica this year in the same holiday. Didn't go last year because I was ill so doing my favourite places in one go!

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    Maybe he felt left out of the planning aspect of the trip? We ended up in Mexico last year, and I am telling you the truth, we weren't there five minutes and my DH tugs my arm and looks at me and says, "Never again, we either go to Couples or I am staying home" NUFF SAID!!!

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    I know what you mean Papaya. Curiosity is good, but it CAN waste precious time. Give him one more chance and maybe now that your hubby will be something of a CSA "VET" maybe he will see what you see and realize that nothing can really compare. If NOT, you may just wish to humor him next year or the next and go to a place of his choosing. That way he will know, COUPLES is the way to GO!!!

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    In my world there are two kinds of vacations. One is to relax, refresh, drink, and play in the sun and CSA is ideal for that. The other is to explore other cultures, peoples, art, food, wine, history and architecture and Europe, India, Japan, Nepal and etc are great places to go for that. I love both kinds.

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    Hello Houston

    Let me tell you a short story about what you are going thru with the other half. Last year we sent our daughter and are new son-in-law to CN. THEY LOVED IT Early this year the wife and I went to Mexico..for a change of pace; and our daughter told us she thought she had raised us better then this. Jamacia Period. We went to Cancun..was a good time...but seemed like something was missing. Too many people maybe, not enough activities....maybe. So after many talks with our son-in-law and daughter...they told us don't waste you money on Mexico. And after reading sooo many comments about Couples on this message board, we are taking the plunge to CSA this November. So can go where everybody else goes for a cheaper time...or come back to a BIGGER THRILL...your choice

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    Couples was our first Caribbean vacation and we kept hearing from all guests how Couples was the best resort they had ever been to. The following year we decided to take our kids with us on a vacation and went to Punta Cana and my husband and I hated it - there was no comparison so the following year and every year after we have returned to JA and a Couples resort. Why mess with perfection and in our eyes the Couples experience is perfect. We are now experimenting with different Couples resorts as our only experience so far has been Negril.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    The whole idea of a vacation is to get away and (ideally) spend time with the one(s) you love. My sis is content to travel the world doing the cultural vacations. I prefer the more active ones. The beauty is we can choose where we want to go! We get the chance to go to Mexico in the spring with some friends who have a 3 bedroom condo at a VERY nice resort (he is a surgeon) I am sure we will enjoy our time with them, just as I try to have a good time wherever we go! Just be thankful you have the resources to go on a holiday, as some aren't as fortunate as us. 59 hours til we get on the plane to CN!!

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    Default upgrade or downgrade

    We also were faced with this problem. I travel all over the world for work, my wife has vacationed in various mexican locations for 15 years with her girl friends.

    About 7 years ago, after a bad year for us, I looked at her and said vacation. She said yup, lets go to Mexico. I talked her into Jamaica instead. Honestly, I did not know what we were getting into. I am not a sit in a lounge chair and read a book type of guy.

    I was so pleasantly surprised and fell in love, After our third year to couple negril we thought hard about trying other locations, or at least other couples.

    We say down and wrote a list of the things we loved about Negril, and the things we did not like. The not like list was very short.

    we then looked at this as a gambler does. The chances of finding a place where the not like list would be shorter, and the love it list was longer, was slim to none. As much as I like to gamble, I also like to play the odds, and the odds are better at couples, and for us, its Negril.

    Althoguh this year ( our 7th visit ) we will go explore one other couples for the day.

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