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    Default Is there much difference between CN and CSA??

    Trying to decide between the two and would like to know from others who have stayed at both? We were thinking of doing 5 days at each but I think we will pick one and do 10 days. That way have an excuse to come back. Thanks, Kim

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    In spite of the strong feelings that folks on the message board have for their personal favorite Negril resorts, the real differences are pretty subtle. The most obvious difference is the nude beach option at CN that is not available at CSA. Both resorts have beautiful beaches that differ in the setting of the beach. CSA's is on a long coastal beach that provides long walks and direct contact with the culture and people of Negril. CN's beach is on a bay and is more private offering a more secluded environment. Room accommodations, restaurants, bars and resort facilities are different, but comparable in quality I think. CN is sort of centered around the pool which is also the social center of the resort. CSA is more beach oriented as it runs the entire length of the resort. I don't think you can go too wrong with either one, especially if you are planning to visit both at one time or another. My favorite is CSA, but I would not try to steer you away from CN if that is what appeals to you. Look at the pictures and descriptions here on the web site, read the message board and feel free to ask questions.

    Have a great trip! I'm sure you will love either resort.

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    I'm sure there are many threads on this topic, my wife and I were wondering ourselves. I have only been to CSA, but here's what I've gathered. CN beach is deeper, CSA is longer. CSA beach has more stuff in walking distance. CN is more centralized, CSA is a little more spread out. I think there are a few more room choices at CSA, and I believe the patios are bigger in most cases. I think food and service are comparable. Some rooms at CSA don't have bath tubs, and atrium suites don't have TV's. We are returning to CSA in May. We like the tropical feel of the atrium suites and don't really use tubs or tvs. I don't think you can lose either way, Have fun!!

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    Well, to start, CSA is a bit more compact than CSA. CN has an AN beach; CSA does not. CSA has a huge sports complex (10 tennis courts, lap pool, jogging track); CN has a fitness center, but it is much smaller than CSA. CSA has more restaurants than CN. CN has a much bigger main pool that is the focus of the resort. The pools at CSA are smaller by comparison. The beachfront rooms at CSA are literally right on the beach. Other than that, you get the same great service, so it's up to you what is important.

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    Flip a coin...they are both fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearso View Post
    Flip a coin...they are both fantastic.
    Agreed. If you are a Romance rewards member, you could take a day trip to the one you didn't pick this time to get a better idea of what it's like. I'd personally rather stay at one than have to hassle with relocating in the middle of my vacation. You'll be feeling too irie to want to move by then.

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    We have stayed at CN three times but did the day trip to CSA and plan on staying there eventually. The fitness center across the street is awesome. They make smoothies and they show some sports on tv and there is a great pool for lap swimming. They also have a cool outdoor track if you like to run. The beach is longer at CSA and deeper at CN like others have posted.

    If you like to mix your vacation with some fitness than CSA is perfect. Also I like the fact that at CSI you can walk along the beach to see more than you can at CN. But what is the drinks are least when we went there. They made their Miami Vice a bit different and their Bob Marley's. hard to choose so if you have the opportunity to do both...I would!

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    After staying at CN for 4 years in a row (read this as addicted to CN), we decided to try Swept Away last year. So, lucky us, we went to CN in February and Swept Away in October, the same week as Hurricane Sandy. Well, my addiction has grown, as has my wife's. The only differences we experienced, other then Swept Away being much larger, was not enough to keep us from falling in love with Swept Away but we still loved CN. This year, well, in 278 days and 3 hours, we should be stepping onto the beach at Swept Away. In 285 days we should be stepping onto the beach at Couples Negril. A split stay is now going to be the normal, and to mix it up in 2014 we will stay at Couples Negril first then transfer to Swept Away. Life is good mon.

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    Size, some say this matters , Nude and non nude for some this matters, walking distance on the beach, one beach is 2 miles the other is 5 miles, otherwise Food, service, atmosphere and shear beauty and having a great time are available at both.

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    We've went to CSA for our honeymoon 5 years ago and then last year spent 5 days at CN and transferred to CSA for 3 nights. We prefer CSA without a doubt! However, we enjoyed both. CSA has more food options and beach bar options! We did get certified to dive at CN and their dive team is awesome. Can't comment to CSA's dive team yet, but hopefully in a few months. Either way, they are both great! CSA is better for the beach and better food options. CN is better for the pool.

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