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    Default NOV/DEC Double Digit Dance

    Today it is official... Only 99 more days until my wife and I return home to CSA once again! So many things we need to do this trip.

    Nov 28-Dec 8, can't come soon enough.

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    Hi drgerard316,
    We will be arriving on Nov. 16-30th and yes!!! it sure can't come fast least for me...LOL My husband will start to be excited about the trip when it gets closer to going, like in September. For me, I want to pack right now :-). Hey, maybe we will see you both there? What type of things are you two planning to do? We are going to renew our wedding vows, of 25 years and of course the Catamaran is a must.

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    ...and today is it's official for us....99 days to CSA!!!

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    Hi Muck,
    Double digits countdown for you too, that's great!! Opps! I noticed that I didn't post our countdown.... 81 days to CSA.
    How long two staying?

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    Double digit dance for a little while now, countdown to December 4th! Don't get to CSA until Dec 8th, but 75 days until Jamaica!! Ya mon!

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    58 days for us! 5th time to CSA... It can't come soon enough! We normally travel there in March so Turkey Day in Negril will be a new experience for us!

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    YAY! 59 more days for us!
    Nov 28 - Dec 8

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    Getting closer 41 days to go......... Ya Mon!

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    Time is flying by!!!

    57 days and a wake-up!

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    My countdown says 46 days, 20 hours. WOOT WOOT!!!

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    62 days and counting...yeah mon.

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    As of right now, we have 47 days, 17 hours, and 16 mins until the plane takes off at midway!!!
    CTI- December 2010
    CN- December 2013

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