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    Default 4th one a Charm, CSA review.

    CSA is at the top of the Couples resorts!
    I can truly say now that I am a Couples expert; we have stayed at all the resort, completing our Couples vacations at CSA this past December. The day was perfect, stepping onto Jamaica, with warm sunshine on our faces and the sweet smell of the island, we then started out with a private shuttle to Negril, surprising my good friend for her birthday with a Tim Air view of our favorite Island, and CSA. Because we landed so early, we arrived at CSA around 2, but this was no problem. Champagne, and cool towels greeted us, as did our rooms. Atrium Suite 1223, top floor with a slight view of the ocean, complete heaven.
    Room was large, beautiful dark wooden slotted shutters, screened on several of the walls, very airy and tropical feeling. Large balcony with a comfortable couch, table and delicate hammock. Mini bar, coffee pot, and no TV (which was just fine by us).
    Diving is one reason we continue to return to Couples, itís included with your all-inclusive. So, the dive crew at CSA had a lot to live up to, to compare to the other resorts. Certainly was not disappointed!!! We dove with Shaggy, Cooper, Donkey and had Jahfrey as our captain. Each of these guys takes special care of the divers, and truly make the experience fun. Helps, that CSA has this beautiful new dive boat, that makes it really comfortable for diving. We tend to return to the Couples of which we love the dive crew, this is one Couples we will be back to! Loved all of them.
    Food: Beach grill has wonderful afternoon flare, (for us who donít want to give up any time out in the beautiful Jamaican sunshine) we would order lunch here and sit pool side. Yummy pork taco with fresh fruit salsa! Besides this, for lunch you must get the sweet potato chips and dip at the vegetarian grill. We dined at all the restaurants, but found Lemongrass to be our favorite. Breakfast wasnít a meal we ate, just ordered room service. But one day we did go to Palms, and had the famous banana stuffed French toast, was terrific.
    Aside from the beautiful, soft white beach, and stunning Jamaican sea, CSA was truly wonderful. The property is larger than the other Couples. But, it never felt over crowded, or we never ever had to wait for anything. Beach bars had super great staff as was the staff on the beach. We had our relaxing, fun Jamaican Couples vacation we have grown to love.
    CN will always have our hearts, but CSA is right up there!

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    Thanks for sharing! Who is singing that song please? April can't come soon enough

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    Nice video! Thanks for sharing, especially enjoyed the diving pictures and the sealife seeing as my husband and I only snorkel and don't get see all the fantastic life up close like that!! Glad to hear you enjoyed your time at our home away from home, CSA!

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    Thanks Barb! Glad you had a good time!

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    Thanks so much for your video! Getting me excited for our first time at couples CSA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    Thanks for sharing! Who is singing that song please? April can't come soon enough
    Glad you enjoyed it!
    Shyam Moses, he sings on the beach one night at the Couples not miss him....

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    THANK YOU!!! I was transported back to the island in my mind.

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    Thank you for the great pics of our favorite resort! We've moved too far away to make a CSA vacay feasible for the next few years, so these pics really helped to give me my "fix!!"

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    Great video !!!! We will be there in 11 days.......aaaaahhhh, can't wait !!! I will watch this many times before we leave.......calms the soul, but also makes me want to get there. Thanks again.

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    Thanks! That was GREAT! 96 days! Can't wait!

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    We also agree CSA is the best but have to correct you on the banana stuffed French Toast. The best is served at the sit down restaurant Patois on the south end of the resort. Of course, everything tastes soooooooooooooooo good. Irie!

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    Great video! We also became Couples experts back in December - staying at all the resorts as follows: CSS, CTI, CN. and finally CSA. Have to say I am glad we experienced them all in that order as while they are all wonderful resorts, I liked each better than the previous.

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