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    Default Thursdays in March

    Hi all,
    Trying to get away from the business of weekends at the airport, we're travelling in and out on Thursdays this year. Can anyone give me any info about how busy it is at Sangster on Thursdays in March, particularly for arrival. We get in around 1pm. Just trying to decide if we should buy Club Mobay passes. See you at CSA March 14 to 21!


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    We have always traveled on Thursday for our April trips. Most of the time there isn't that much of a wait at customs, We usually get in around 11 a.m..
    But every now and then, there have been a couple of planes ahead of us, but even then, the wait was only about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour. I would imagine that March should be about the same. It may back up just a bit, seeing as you are arriving around 1p.m. But for the most part, you shouldn't have any problems.

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    Hi Heather , We are arriving on Friday this year instead of Sat like last year. We were in line about 2.5 hours before we got to the
    Couples lounge last year. I am hoping that Friday might be a little better. We have been to Jamaica 8 times and last year was by
    far the longest lines . We are going in April this year, a week at CN and a week at CSA. So we won't be crossing paths this year.
    Hope you and Mat have a Great Trip !!!

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    Hi! You can check the number of planes coming into Sangster on a Thursday around your flight time at

    Have a great trip!

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    When I went to check flight stats for April 2013, it will not let me check the arrivals and depatures at Montego Bay more than about a week out. So I can't see anything past Januarty 24th. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

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    Hi Gary!
    I think if we ever travel on a weekend again we'll get the Club Mobay passes for sure (fast track through immigration and customs). We may still get them this year anyway though since we're arriving around 1pm, which is usually a popular arrival time.
    Sorry we'll miss you guys this year! Hope you both have a great time and you enjoy your diving! Maybe we'll see you next year!

    Thanks for the tip. I just checked it out and our flight is too far out to check yet (March). I'll check it out a few days before we leave and make a decision then about the Club Mobay passes.


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