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    Default Newbie with a Romance Rewards Question?

    Hi- January 2014 will be our first time at Couples. Since we can't decide between CSA and CN we have decided to do both and split 5 days at each. If I sign up for romance rewards would I get the benefits when we check into the second resort? Or would it not go through that fast? So in other words say we were at CN and we check out and then check into CSA the same day would we be considered repeaters at that point? Thanks, Kim

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    We did the CN/CSA split this past December. We received all the Romance Rewards perks at both resorts. Not a bad deal!

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    Hi Kim,

    The Romance Rewards points usually don't get posted that fast so we're guessing that you wouldn't be considered repeaters. However, the points from the stay at both resorts would add up and be able to be used on your next trip to a Couples Resort.

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