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    Default Large group celebrating birthdays

    We are a group of 7 couples planning a trip to celebrate 40th and 50th birthdays in june. Which couples resort do you suggest?

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    One thing to keep in mind is that most of the restaurants at Couples are not set up to accommodate very large groups. For example, at CSA, they can easily pull together several tables at Patois, but not so much at Lemongrass or Feathers. At CSS, I saw a few groups of 10 at Palazzina, but they had to move a lot of furniture around. Most of the restaurants do have a few tables that will accommodate 4 or even 6 people, but the focus is on couples (i.e., tables for 2). Other than that, all of the resorts are lovely. It depends upon what you and your group are looking for in a resort. Want a huge sports complex? Pick CSA. Want lots of winding paths and seclusion? Pick CSS. Want a completely secluded AN experience at Tower Isle? Pick CTI. Want the biggest swimming pool with an active pool scene? Pick CN. Good luck!

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    I have to second the comment about the restaurants. Most simply won't accommodate a group larger than 6, some 4. Just set your expectations accordingly. The exception would be at the special nights (beach party, gala night). Those have larger tables although not for 14.

    I'd also agree with the assessment of the resorts - CSS is wonderful for romantic walks and a great spa. CTI has a great, very private AN experience, CSA is sporty and romantic, CN is great for the big pool and a very long beach to walk.
    Susan & Chris
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