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    Default Wanting to check out the Negril side - questions about CN/CSA

    Hi everyone!

    We have been to Couples 5 times (3X Tower Isle, 2X CSS) and are thinking of doing a split stay this year between CSS and one of the Negril resorts so we can spend a few days and check out more of Jamaica. We would only be there 3 nights, maybe 4, so we want to make the most of our time there. We would be in Negril from Friday/Saturday to Tuesday, which is when we would transfer to San Souci. Any advice and help is much appreciated!

    General Questions:
    1) Both CSA and CN offer a catamaran cruise - is the cruise the same from both resorts? Which days is it offered at each resort? We want to make sure we are able to do this, it sounds like it is better that the one at Tower Isle.

    2) which days are the trading places? We definitely want to check out 7 mile beach, so if we choose to stay at CN, we would want to do trading places to CSA so we can check that out.

    3) Are the restaurants pretty equivalent at these two resorts?

    4) Is the scuba diving equivalent at both resorts - do they go to the same places? We hear the scuba diving is better than Ocho Rios.

    Swept Away Questions:
    1) they don't seem to offer a shopping trip. Why is that? We don't normally do a shopping trip, but since we want to check out Negril we were interested.

    2) 7 mile beach - how far do you need to walk to get to the shops/bars etc? What places are best to check out on 7 mile beach?

    CN Questions:
    1) what are the differences between the Deluxe Ocean and Deluxe Beachfront? We are only going to be there a few days and will be out and about exploring most of the time, so we don't need a great room but do want to be comfortable. I am assuming that a deluxe garden is the same as a deluxe ocean, it just doesn't face the ocean?

    That's all I have, but any other advice and tips is greatly appreciated!!

    Tawnya and Jon

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    Hi there. Have been to CSA, not CN, so replies are only for the one location. We were at CSS in Dec, and it had a totally different feel than CSA. CSA is very flat, and runs along a stretch of 7 mile beach. If you go to the beach and go left (just give the guard a heads-up as you leave the CSA beach area), you'll immediately find shops/bars. After about 10 mins, you'll also find Margaritaville Negril. Now, I did this walk several times in the daytime with no issues. Think if we'd gone to Margaritaville and stayed late, might have taken a taxi back home - not sure if the beach is safe late at night. (Might be, but don't know.)

    Snorkel trips have same routine as CSS (book on the day), but there are 5 different locations which they pick from to visit.

    For CSA, it is really worth taking the tour on the first day to give you a sense for where everything is. Definitely go to the sports complex and spa over the road!! There is a great juice bar there, like at CSS. Also, on the beach visit Seagrapes for fresh fruit/juice/grilled fish tacos. Mmmmmm.....

    If you go to the beach and turn right, you'll go past Breezes and some smaller resort, then past a public stretch of beach with a fish shack. I didn't walk too far in this direction - preferred the other direction.

    I think there may have been a shopping trip from CSA last Spring, and if not it's easy to get a taxi into Negril.

    Think the catamaran trip was offered 5 or 6 days/week, so you should be covered. It is fun, goes past Rick's Cafe so you can watch the cliff divers, then stops in a cove with some caves for snorkeling. Good group run these tours - fun, but also don't let people get TOO out of hand. (I say this as some drunk idiot on our cat trip jumped into the water whilst the cat was under motor, and could well have killed himself. He was cut off from drinking more at that point, very reasonably everyone including the idiot's very embarrassed new wife agreed.)

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    Thanks for the reply, the info on 7 mile beach is very helpful! I am looking forward to checking that out.

    We have decided to stay at Couples Negril (and do a trading places to San Souci to check out 7-mile beach), so I am still very interested as to when the catamaran cruise is offered at Couples Negril. We only have a few days there, so I want to make sure we have time to do it.

    Also - the repeater's dinner at Couples Negril is Monday night (our last night there) - thoughts on if it is worth attending?

    Lobster Night at Couples Negril is on Friday (our first night there) - which restaurant should we go to for the best lobster?

    Thanks everyone! We are very excited about checking out Couples Negril. After this trip, we will be able to say that we have been to all 4 resorts!

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    I think you mean CSA, not CSS for a day from CN.

    7 Mile Beach runs in front of CN too. What is referred to as 7 Mile Beach includes the beaches along Bloody Bay (where CN is located) and Long Bay (where CSA is located). Your plan to walk on the Long Bay section of the beach during your day visit to CSA is a good one since the two beaches are not connected.
    Have a great trip! Back to CN for us in June!

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    The cat cruise at CN is Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Saturday.
    The Repeaters Dinner is Fabulous. They really go all out to impress you.
    It doesn't matter which restaurant you choose for Lobster night. It IS ALL GOOD!
    You are going to love it! We go every year!

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    Just a thought, but it seems the time you are giving Negril is short. It sounds like you are going to be out and about all the time. The best thing about the Negril side is the " Sand Gravity". It takes time to find this, but it should not be missed as it is Negril. How about a split between Swept Away, and Couples Negril? Scuba in the A.M., chill on the beach, walk the beach and hit some spots in the P.M. after lunch, back to the lounger, watch the Negril sun set directly into the calm Negril water, back to the room, a nice cold Red Stripe from the room fridge, walk the paths to dinner.....That's the Negril side!!!!! Slow to go and soak it all in.

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    Just remember that the trading places is during the daytime only. You must return to your resort at 4:30 so you cannot stay for dinner. CSA does have a lot more dining options as it is a larger resort. Also, to walk the whole Seven Mile Beach could take up your whole day with checking out local shops and stands. We usually take a different direction each day. To the right are other resorts ending all the way up at Hedonism II and to the left are smaller resorts, shops, Margaritaville, and souvenire stands. We did trading places to CN and walked the beach some but it is mainly a few other resorts you can only walk past.
    The catamaran trips are the same and go down to Rick's Cafe where the cliff divers are. You also stop along the way to swim into a cave. Lots of rum punch! Bring tip money for them as they are not Couples employees.
    The snorkeling trips go to the same sites. Push to go to the "Mexico" site as there are more fish, a canon, and anchor there.

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