Hi everyone!

We have been to Couples 5 times (3X Tower Isle, 2X CSS) and are thinking of doing a split stay this year between CSS and one of the Negril resorts so we can spend a few days and check out more of Jamaica. We would only be there 3 nights, maybe 4, so we want to make the most of our time there. We would be in Negril from Friday/Saturday to Tuesday, which is when we would transfer to San Souci. Any advice and help is much appreciated!

General Questions:
1) Both CSA and CN offer a catamaran cruise - is the cruise the same from both resorts? Which days is it offered at each resort? We want to make sure we are able to do this, it sounds like it is better that the one at Tower Isle.

2) which days are the trading places? We definitely want to check out 7 mile beach, so if we choose to stay at CN, we would want to do trading places to CSA so we can check that out.

3) Are the restaurants pretty equivalent at these two resorts?

4) Is the scuba diving equivalent at both resorts - do they go to the same places? We hear the scuba diving is better than Ocho Rios.

Swept Away Questions:
1) they don't seem to offer a shopping trip. Why is that? We don't normally do a shopping trip, but since we want to check out Negril we were interested.

2) 7 mile beach - how far do you need to walk to get to the shops/bars etc? What places are best to check out on 7 mile beach?

CN Questions:
1) what are the differences between the Deluxe Ocean and Deluxe Beachfront? We are only going to be there a few days and will be out and about exploring most of the time, so we don't need a great room but do want to be comfortable. I am assuming that a deluxe garden is the same as a deluxe ocean, it just doesn't face the ocean?

That's all I have, but any other advice and tips is greatly appreciated!!

Tawnya and Jon