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    Default Vow Renewal Question- Please Help!

    Hello All,

    I am in the process of getting errors on my birth certificate corrected. However, the corrections will not be complete in time for our May 2011 CSA wedding weekend. Because we want an actual ceremony, we will be legally married before we leave and opted for a vow renewal at the resort.

    Anyone done this before? What is the wording for the ceremony like? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    We just renewed our vows after 15 years of marriage in August at CTI. You have a lot of say in the ceremony. We opted to have a reading that we had at our wedding, a song that was played at our wedding, and we recited our vows(which we wrote for our wedding) with minor changes to include the 15th anniversary.The minister also said a greeting and prayers for a renewal. We walked down the aisle together and also had a special prayer for continued health. Latoya, the wedding coordinator, is fantastic. She is there to make your renewal special and unique to you! We also felt that it was so intimate and magical because we were there for each other, not putting on a big wedding for others. After the ceremony we signed our vow renewal certificate, had a champagne toast and cake in the garden. The site was beautifully decorated. We also danced our first dance all over again! After making it through some very challenging medical issues this vow renewal was just perfect. I felt like a new bride all over again! I had my hair done at the spa and it brought me to tears over how beautiful it was! Also the vow renewal area was decorated, you receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a boutonniere. We utilized the resort photographer, Nicholas, who did a great job. We posed all over the resort and took home an album and cd. The pictures were up to view the next day and the album was ready the following day. I will try to post some pictures!

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