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    Default New to CSS need advise re room with bath, steps etc. please!!!!

    Hi, My husband Roger and I will be at CSS from 10th May to 24th May, 2nd visit to Couples resort, we stayed in Couples Negril last May.
    We have booked an Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite, I now know it has not got a bath, so have you guys any idea if the Ocean 1 bedroom suites have one..... I have a back problem and often the bath is the only way of getting me mobile again......its all those years of singing and dancing....
    I here there are lots of steps but noticed that there was an elevator, will that take us down to the beach and back up again if we have a room near the top?
    I cannot wait to return home to Couples.

    Eva and Roger

    Still sing my heart out whenever I get a chance, had such fun in the piano bar at Couples Negril last May.....

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    I don't know about the other rooms but when we were there our room had a jacuzzi tub and a stand alone shower. We had an ocean view suite and loved it. As far as the elevator, I'm not sure but there was someone we met that had a back problem and the staff carted her around whenever she needed to go. They would come and get her and take her whenever and whereever she needed!

    Hope this helps!


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    Hi! The beachfront suites in Blocks A & B have jacuzzi tubs and separate showers. They also have smaller balconies.....only room for a table and 2 chairs. These blocks are centrally located on the beach level close to the Main Lawn, Palazzina Restaurant, Beach Bar and Main Pool, so not too many stairs. These rooms are also a short walk to SSB if you are interested in A/N. If you are concerned about your back, the beachfront suites might be a good choice for you. Also don't forget you can call the front desk and they will send a van to pick you up.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    A one bedroom beachfront suite ground floor would eliminate practically all of the stair climbing and would have a jacuzzi tub. This would be much more central to most things than a deluxe ocean verandah, which will be up on the cliffs. If you stay at beach level they will provide you a ride when you need to get up to the higher levels, at your request.

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