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    Default Floyd's Pelican Bar

    Has anybody done an excursion to Floyd's? Can you take a boat direct from CSA or do you have to taxi to another location to boat to Floyd's? Is this a worthwhile excursion?

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    We were at CN last April and we went to the Pelican bar. We did a day excursion to the Appleton Rum factory and then to the Pelican bar. We had our own driver we booked through the resort with another couple. To be quite honest, it's a really cool place but it's a really long day. The drive was about an hour and a half to the rum factory and then after that I think it was another 45 minutes to the pelican bar. We then took a 20 minute boat ride to the bar itself. The boat ride was cool as we actually saw a live crocodile sunning itself on one of the docks. It's exactly like the pictures online and it was surprisingly crowded with locals doing their thing on one side and a bunch of tourists keeping to themselves on the other. When we got to the bar we felt like we were invading the privacy of the locals that were in there. It was a weird experience. This was their "cool hang out spot" and we felt like we showed up to a party we weren't invited to. We actually didn't stay very long as our travelling companion was a pregnant women who had to leave because the smell of weed was making her sick. It's a cool place to visit and if you don't mind spending most of your day in a mini's a good adventure.

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