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    Default What is the Mobay Pass I keep hearing about?

    I am new to these boards and keep hearing a lot about the "mobay pass"? What is it? I know it has something to do with the airport.

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    After many trips to MBJ we are doing it on our way home this year - free snacks, liquor, wifi, comfy area - we usually spend at least 80 to 100 in one of the airport rest/bars so thought for 60 what the heck

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    Mobay pass is a VIP ticket that is purchased in advance at resort or at the airport to allow for fast tracking through immigration/security at MoBay airport. There is a private lounge with showers, drinks, computers, tvs, family room, quiet room, showers and a mini spa. It's the perfect place to wait for a flight. You get $5 off your VIP pass if purchaed in advance at the resort. I believe without discount it was $35 each.


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    Well worth the money! It saved us at least an hour in the security line on our way out New Year's day, and it was nice to not have to pay for the beer and food. It felt like it extended our vacation a little longer

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    Club MoBay is a VIP lounge that includes expedited security access at the airport. Just look it up on Google. They have a website.

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