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    Default New Guest. Romance Rewards question

    So I signed up for the Romance Rewards. My wife and I have never been to a Couples resort. What does this entitle me to? I am assuming a day at another resort? We are going to CSS in late Feb.

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    as stated in the Romance rewards , " once you return" you are entitled to romance reward points awarded to you from your previous visit. As a newbie, enjoy the resort and look forward to you"'re next visit with benefits!

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    The first time I think you only qualify for trading spaces to CTI from CSS...


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    Everytime I try to register for the romance rewards it tells me the verifying match didn't work.

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    I've been trying for over a week now and I can't log in either. I emailed them about it but haven't heard back yet.

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    You can do the Trading Places once registered. And you can fill out a form 3 days before arrival so the bar is stocked with your choices.


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