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    Default Anxious, Excited, Curious!!

    I've tried posting this once and it didn't I apologize if it posts twice....

    We will be at CN the first week of July!!! I have a few questions though.....

    1. I noticed tonight when looking over the website that it says Dunn's River Falls is not an included excursion for CN......does anyone know how much this costs??

    2. Have any of you taken advantage of the included round of golf? If so, I'd love to hear your reviews!!

    3. How hot does it truly get the first week of July???

    Thanks in advance!!

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    We go every year the first week of July. It is wonderful. Dunn's River is clear on the other side of the island. It would be an all day trip from CN. Believe me, you won't want to leave CN. The weather and water are perfect. We have a great 4th of July party all day that day. See you there.
    Mariann and Jimmy
    Huntsville, Al.

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    We stayed at CN 3 years ago and I did use the golf course. Negril Hills is a very nice course, hilly with some challenging tee shots. I played in the morning (around 10am) and by the 9th it was really hot and not much shade.
    I was on my own and would have liked to have been paired up or joined athers to make a 4 ball, this wasn't an option so I played on my own with a (compulsory) caddie.
    I hired a set of clubs but took my own shoes, balls, tees, glove and marker. The hire of the clubs wasn't expensive but I don't recall how much I paid for that + the caddie.
    My suggestion would be to play early and talk to the front desk to see if any other single players are going.

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    Stevie, we haven't done it ourselves but you might want to look into Mayfield falls. I think it's a much shorter trip I believe. Have fun

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    dunns River is interesting but not enough to drive all day to the other side of the island and back.

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    Thank you all so much for your helpful responses!! Mariann and Jimmy, hope to see you there!! Also, how terribly hot does it get during that time of year?
    So excited!!!!!!!

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    The temperature at that time is usually in the 80's.Listen, it is hotter in Alabama than Jamaica at that time. You have a nice ocean breeze and there are plenty of trees to sit under at the beach. What I really love about it is that you can LIVE in the warm, calm Bloody Bay waters all day long. Can't wait!

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    Do Mayfield Falls its a blast about $125 for two people,

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    If you stay at CN and want to see falls, go to YS Falls. If you pair it up with Balck River Safari & Appleton tour or Black River & Floyd's Pelican Bar, or any other combo of the four, you can usually make an awesome excursion day out of $95-$100, not including any money you spend during the excursion. In three trips to CN (24 nights), we've taken two excursions not included with our stay, and they were awesome. If you feel like going on one, do it. We've done the Zipline Canopy Tour and the Black River/YS Falls/Appleton Rum Tour and they were both well worth it. Enjoy!

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