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    Default Just Booked...3 months from today..split stay!!

    So excited, just booked today for April 12th. Omg the resorts are totally booked at that time, soooo, we are doing a split stay 2 nights at CSS and 4 night s at CN(our home). I guess we won't unpack when we get to! Kind of excited to try CSS but happy we won't have to commit to a full week. Anyone else ever done a split?

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    We are also doing a split. April 9-16 CSS then off to our home at CN 16-23rd. We have never been to CSS, so we decided to give it a shot.... I think that 2 nights at any of the couples resort might not really give a fair experience of what its like.... just mho. Have fun.....we might even run into you at both resorts!

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    Congrats!! I've never been at all, our first time will be at CN June 30th-July 9th.....Good luck and have fun!!!

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    Just got done with our travel agent. So excited. 7 days at CTI an then 7 days at our home CSA. We are going the end of Sept to beginning of Oct.
    This is going to be our first split too. Will be great to see more of the island. Let the count down begin

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