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    We will be taking our first steps au-naturel at the end of May. Can anyone tell me how intense the sun will be? Does anyone have any pictures or website of the beach I could see?

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    You would have to let everyone know where you are going. unless its a secret.

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    We were at CN last may in the AN beach. The sun is intense, but there is enough shade so you can hide and not have to sit in the sun all day and get fried.

    Last year was our second trip and our first time to the AN area. We had a much better trip the second time around. Apparently being naked all day makes vacation more enjoyable. We met some great people and the people as a whole seemed much nicer and laid back than the people with clothes on.

    Enjoy your trip. We will be back to CN June 8-15.

    Ron and Treena

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