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    I have been to CN 5 times. I haven't seen the fresh coconuts offered. I was just wondering where they are and what time the coconuts are available?
    One Love,

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    At breakfast, usually beside or on the bar at the Cassava. I had one every morning for breakfast in November :-)

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    When we have been there the past few years (the beginning of July) we saw them at breakfast every morning.

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    Our last visit to CSS in 2011, I inquired with a staff member raking leaves about getting a jelly coconut to try. He asked me where i'd be and that he would be glad to bring one to me. Ten minutes later he found me at SSB and whacked the top off with a machete right in front front of me! I asked Jannelle to add a bit of overproof like he suggested and YUMMY.

    Im sure the staff would do the same at CN if you asked anyone there.

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    We just asked, actually, we just mentioned we had never tried one and it was brought to us.

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    The three times we have been to couples the young men working their asses off on the resorts are where we got ours.All of them we have met have been super people that enjoy talking to people from different places. All you have to do is ask,if there are any available they will be happy to get you one.We usually drink half the water then take to any bar,they fill it with rum or whatever you like.Be forewarned they hold more than you think,we needed a nap after the first one. Happy Travels

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    Maybe I just get down to breakfast late, and they are gone!! LOL I will find someone to get one this year if none are avialable. Thanks for all the replies!!
    One Love,

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