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    Default airtran specials, just booked for $425/rt for April yaaaaaaa!

    What a timely sale by AirTran, a Christmas present of sorts. $425 round trip for our April Vacation at Sans Souci, cheapest airfare we have ever gottent to Jamaica. If you can fly Airtran you might want to check out their specials, they expire Dec 31st.

    Merry Christmas

    Jay + Susan

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    we too got airfare under $500 and arrive at MoBay at 930 am - woot woot . Saw the AirTran but flights weren't as good as US Airways - regardless we are going to Jamrock right - enjoy

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    Where are you traveling from? We are still seeing $600+ per person from BWI in late March. I would have jumped on a sale of some sort but so far no change in what we've been seeing.

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    Great prices, congratulations. Just a word to the wise, keep an eye on your flight itinerary over the next few months. Changes have been known to occur. Just sayin'.

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    Hard to believe this, but American Airlines just put their flights to Jamaica on Sale. If I hadn't already booked AirTran, I could have booked AA for $396/rt. That is an insane price.....hopefully someone books it. What a great rate........counting down the days 102 days... so close to the double digit dance I can taste! Tastes like Jerk Chicken!

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    Where is everyone flying from? We are flying from Minneapolis in March. I checked the AirTran prices, and they were over $700 per person. When we booked our flights with AA, they were $517 each. I have kept constant track of AA and Delta, to see if any better deals appear. AA has done nothing but go up and up since then. Delta has come down some, but is still in the $650-900 range. I would LOVE to find rates under $500 for our next trip.

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    i booked rt from indy to mbj jan 14-19 2013. 440 pp. that was directly through us airways. i booked my whole vacation through them. other travel sites had crap for flights. the flights they offered had 18+hour layovers, multi stops and u got to jamaica the next day and if u wanted in the same day it was outragous. so i was courious and checked out us airways. they were the only ones (besides booking with couples resorts directly)that offered a secret rendezvous package that i found. this will be r second vaca to couples. 16 days and counting

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    We are flying out of Indianapolis, through Orlando. Normally we fly through Atlanta or charlotte.
    This time we are going for two weeks. 1 week at Sans Souci and 1 at CN. Have a great New Years eve everyone! :

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    I have the luxury of having sooo many delta miles that all my my airfare for my last 2 trips has been free! And I have enough miles right now for our January 2014 trip. By the time I am ready to book I will have enough for both free. I also live in New York so I have 3 airports to choose from JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. Jet blue flies to Montego Bay from New York but it also flies there from Orlando. Suggest if people can get to orlando there flights can be very reasonable and JetBlue is a great airline. Happy travels!

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