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    My fiance and I are going to CSA July 14-20 for our honeymoon. Just wondering how crowded it usually is in mid-July, and if you all have any input on things to not miss out on/things to not bother with, things to pack/leave at home. This is our first time visiting an AI Resort.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    We have been there 4 times before and the place is normally sold out every time we go. But don't freak out because even sold out it is not that crowded.

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    Just like Waynel said, even when the resort is at full capacity, you won't realize it. There is so much to do that people are spread throughout the resort.

    I am happy to share our packing list with other tips we've learned over the years -

    This April/May will be our 11th trip to Couples - our 3rd to CSA. You will LOVE IT!! Especially if you've never been to an AI - prepare to be amazed!!
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    Pack the bear minimun. To many times we have gone and over packed. Bring one set of nice clothes for a dress up dinner and all you need from there is swim wear few pairs of shorts and t-shirts. You will reget packing to much unneeded clothes.

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