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    Is it raining there right now? I heard that it rains like everyday but just for a lil while? Just trying to prepare for our honeymoon that starts monday the 21st.

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    Can't predict the rain..Five yrs ago we arrive about a week after a hurricane o CN and seriously it only rained one day for maybe 15-30 mins in the eight days we were there. Go! RELAX! ENJOY YOURSELF! Have a lovely vacation.
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Not sure which resort you're staying at, but we've been at CSA for the past 2 1/2 days, and had a little rain each day. It usually comes around 2-4 p.m., and doesn't last too long. It's a good chance to get a late lunch (we've been having breakfast around 10 a.m. and late dinners, so it's perfect), and I'm usually ready to get out of the sun around then anyway. I wouldn't worry too much about the rain. It breaks up the day nicely for me. Enjoy!

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    You may get a brief shower in the morning or afternoon, but it isn't anything to worry about. Think of it as liquid sunshine!! Have a drink and kick back!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjax10 View Post
    Is it raining there right now? I heard that it rains like everyday but just for a lil while? Just trying to prepare for our honeymoon that starts monday the 21st.
    We were there 2 years ago and it rained the last night at dinner and it was predicted every day, it is hit or miss in the caribbean. We will be there on the 18th waiting for you "honeymooners" we leave tomorrow 9/18!! Everything will be "Irie"

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    Just at CN last week. It rained all but two days I think. One day it rained most of the evening lightly and the rest of the days it may have only lasted an hour. Mostly started around 4 PM. It gives you a nice chance to sit around and relax. Alot stayed in the pool and hot tub during the rain or went to one of the bars. Don't worry about it.

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    We have been to CN twice (May and March) and CSS once (March) for a total of 23 days. Out of that 23 days, it only rained on two of them...once for about 45 minutes and once for about an hour. Both times in the afternoon. Don't worry about it. If the forecast says a 30% chance of rain on a given day, that means a 70% chance of no rain all day!
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    Check out this weather station at CSA. You can look at the rainfall for individual days or weeks or months.

    It's been fairly dry recently. It's rained once since last Thursday.

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    I know you're concerned. But it will be fine. On my first trip to CSA I went in October which I had "later" learned after I booked was one of the rainest months. Needless to say I was very concerned and preoccupied with the weather and if it would rain and ruin our vacation. Well, after arriving I FOUND out that it's just a little "liquid sunshine" usually doesn't last long at all nor does it seem to interrupt much. It only rained once that I recall and it was great cause it cooled things off a bit...I think it also rained once or twice during the night...but I'm not sure, cause I was sound asleep. But really having gone in one of the rainest of months, it was not a problem. AND I am going again in October 2010. See? No problem!!!

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    We echo comments from musicalfresco. The only warning is the sand fleas come out immediately after the rain. We use the rain periods to get out of the sun, go back to the room and have a drink (or two) and have a little fun (music, games, etc!)

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    We stayed at CSA earlier this month for 7 nights. 5 days it rained and 2 days it did not rain at all. The rain would vary; for example, one day it only rained during the time it took me to drink a pina colada at the swim up bar. Another time, it rained for 2+ hours. However, if you hit the beach early like we did, you would be ready for a break from the sun when the rain comes.

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